Looking to really improve your Japanese language skills? Want to immerse yourself in Japan’s colorful culture and society? Then Go! Go! Nihon should be your go-to (sorry) solution.

Go! Go! Nihon offers a range of intensive language courses spanning 2-4 weeks across Japan, combining classes at top language schools with handpicked activities to help immerse you in Japanese culture.

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Whether you want to see the busy metropolis of Tokyo, ski in Hokkaido or explore Kansai, the courses are tailored to pick the best of each area and to suit a range of learner levels. You can even choose a course which focuses on the elements of Japan you love, be it traditional, modern or the amazing  food. By studying in the morning and going out to practice and enjoy Japan in the afternoon, the work-play balance means you’ll have an unforgettable trip while developing your language skills along the way. With classes and accommodation taken care of, dedicated staff and an alumni of over 250 students, Go! Go! Nihon has it all in hand.

Which Course to Pick

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Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, Go! Go! Nihon has created a range of courses to try different aspects of Japanese culture, as well as different parts of the country. All offer the same morning class schedule, although not all cater to as wide a variety of learner, so keep that in mind. It’s the location and activity options that will probably be your deciding factor on which course to pick.

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The regular courses—for example May and June 2017—offer stays in Tokyo with activities like the Skytree, Ghibli Museum as well as seasonal trips in and around the city. There are courses which focus on traditional Japanese culture or ‘Cool Japan‘ with activities to match (think bonsai classes and tea ceremony vs Robot Restaurant and Anime Japan Fair).You can even choose a course with activities focused entirely on food—with classes for sushi, soba and sweets as well as visiting famous landmarks such as the Tsukiji Fish Market. That’s all assuming you want to stay in Tokyo though, which isn’t the only option. In winter you can travel to Hokkaido for a taste of onsen, snow festivals and skiing, (after you’ve studied hard of course!). Alternatively, you can head to Osaka in Kansai to see Buddhist temples, visit Kobe and Nara and the famous sites of the city.

And Which Plan

Hokkaido Winter Course Plan

After you’ve chosen where to go, you can choose which level of plan you would like depending on activities and price. The Bronze plan includes your standard accommodation and classes, along with roughly a third of the available activities. The Silver plan includes roughly half the activities, while the Gold includes all, plus on some courses a data SIM to use during your stay. The page for each course shows exactly which activities will be included in each plan and the price differences are listed on the booking page, so you can mull it over. (The example above is for the Hokkaido trip).

Where to Stay

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Basic accommodation is included in the price, but spots do fill up on some courses so you may have to select one of the alternatives. These start with a significant jump—private rooms in a higher quality dorm (above) start at an additional 75,000 yen, private hotel rooms and home stays are an additional 120,000 yen—so get in early to secure your dorm. A home stay can be an excellent way to improve your Japanese, however, since you can practice all the time! However, if you have your own accommodation with a family or friend, or wish to find your own, 45,000 yen can be deducted from your bill.

Your Mornings: Studying

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During your stay you’ll be taking Japanese classes in the morning, and using your afternoons to try out what you’ve learned. Go! Go! Nihon has linked with some of the best language schools in Japan to provide classes for every level. In Tokyo you can study at the Nihon Kogakuin which is one of Japan’s top animation, design and computer graphic vocational colleges, or Akamonkai, which is the biggest language school in Tokyo—either way, you’ll be in good hands. Classes are for three and a half hours in the morning with breaks and you’ll be studying alongside classmates from all over the world.

Your Afternoons: Adventures

Taste of Japan Activities

In addition to studying Japanese, experiencing Japanese culture is top of the list for your trip, so afternoons are kept clear for exploring or scheduled activities. Each course has different activities and the options depend on which plan you choose. If you’re a foodie, for example, you can join the ‘Taste of Japan’ course which has activities including soba, sushi and wagashi (sweets) making, sake tasting and fruit picking.

Activities are designed to include hands-on experience of Japanese culture and chances to try everyday life in Japan—these range from special festivals to classes to nights at izakaya and of course, karaoke. Depending on the location of your course, the activities try and focus on the highlights of the area—so it’s worth considering whether you prefer the bright lights of Tokyo, the snowy sights of Hokkaido or the bustling streets of Kansai.

The Practicalities

While Go! Go! Nihon takes care of a large portion of your trip including classes, accommodation and activities, there are some things you will have to sort yourself. Flights and insurance are not covered, and airport transfers are only covered for some courses, and sometimes dependent on the package you select. If you are on the list of MOFA countries, you don’t need to apply for a visa, you just get a stamp on arrival, but if you are not, you will need to arrange your own tourist visa. Transport to and from activities is to be paid by the student, but is minimal, usually costing between 160 yen to 1,000 yen. Students must be 18 at the time the course starts, although there is a course option for people aged between 14-17 years old. A deposit of 30,000 yen is required to reserve your booking which is non-refundable but will go towards your final costs.

Tokyo Cheapo Bonus!

We like Go! Go! Nihon so much we have partnered up. If you mention our name when you book, you get a free yukata/kimono—a very handy thing to have in your quest for cultural integration!

So, what are you waiting for? The spring courses are all up and ready for registering, with some spaces still left on the winter courses too!

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