Kidnapped in S.E. Asia – Human Trafficking Stories

John Bardos

Human Trafficking Story

We interrupt our standard cheapskate stuff to bring you a guest post on an extremely serious issue, and a good cause that is trying to fight it, as we bring you human trafficking stories.

Japan is one of the most culturally rich, advanced, safe and orderly countries in the world. At the same time, there is said to be a dark side of abused immigrant workers, prostitution, child pornography, international sex tourism and a whole host of almost institutionalized problems.

But Japan is not alone. Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar global industry, and it’s growing.  Children are being sold for as little as $100 for use in slave labour, prostitution, pornography, forced marriage and other things too horrific to even imagine.

What would you do it someone you knew was kidnapped and trafficked?

Just a few years ago, Ben Randall was exploring South-East Asia, like so many travellers do. He was teaching English in a small town and had the opportunity to build lasting friendships with locals, including a young girl that we’ll call M, to protect her identity.

After leaving Asia for another part of the world, Ben heard from a mutual friend that M had been kidnapped and likely sold as a wife or prostitute in China.

Imagine if this happened to you. Would you take action and try to find your friend? Or, would you reluctantly accept the idea that you have a job and a life of your own, and there isn’t really anything you could do?

Ben Randall’s Fight Against Human Trafficking

For Ben, the choice was obvious. He chose to return to Asia to search for M, and he’s making a  documentary to help raise awareness about the scourge of human trafficking,  a growing industry that is expected to surpass the global illegal drug trade.

Ben has given up his job and is using up his savings to make the film,  but he needs our help to get the documentary finished and out to the world.

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Please take a moment to watch the video to learn more about The Human, Earth Project.

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5 Responses to “Kidnapped in S.E. Asia – Human Trafficking Stories”

  1. Barry O'Kane February 1, 2014

    Thanks for sharing this. I met Ben (the film maker John talks about here) in SE Asia and have been really inspired by his story and dedication to raising awareness of the situation – especially amongst these minority women and girls of the region.

  2. Very inspiring, thank you for posting this – it’s a severely under-covered issue.

  3. It is hugely important to support such campaigns and causes and growing awareness among all those who travel.

  4. Ellen Bard February 8, 2014

    This is a terrible tragedy and I really admire Ben for doing something positive about it. I hope he gets the funding he needs to continue and raise yet more awareness for this issue.

  5. Thanks again for your support of the campaign! You fine folks are awesome.

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