Hamarikyū Gardens is a public park in the shadow of the Shiodome district located at the mouth of the Sumida River. It was originally a tidal duck-hunting ground and still contains tidal ponds, but is now a sanctuary for birds and fish alike.

The park is well known for its picturesque tea house surrounded by an ornamental salt water pond. There are walking paths throughout the garden and there is even a mini Mount Fuji in one corner of the gardens.

Seasonal flowers and trees range from peonies, plum trees and cosmos as well as autumn leaves and cherry blossoms in spring. The gardens were badly damaged in both the Great Kanto Earthquake and during World War II, eventually reopening to the public again in 1946.

Suggested Activity
Challenge Sumo Wrestlers and Enjoy Lunch
Eat, train, and fight like a real Japanese sumo wrestler during this sumo demonstration and authentic 'Chanko Nabe' (hotpot) meal.

Admission is ¥300 for adults, free for children under 12.