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Back again this week, Chris is joined by TJ Eckleberg and Ayumi, two very special Kansai cheapos to finish the discussion of the various types of Japanese Cuisine and of course where the cheapo can find them.


Beef burger without a bun, family resturants are the worst (still okay though). But some really good independent places, e.g. Nikugami.


Cheapo meal of choice “rice bowl”. Typically varieties include fresh (raw) fish (try Ginchachidon or maguro ichiba), tempura, beef or 牛丼 (gyudon) (try matsuya, yoshinoya, tsukiya – these chains are absolutely everywhere) don’t forget to say “つゆだく” tsuyudaku to get the extra broth (for free 🙂 )

Generally independent or chain donburi all over the place.


5 cheapo gold stars, even 7 eleven sushi is pretty much okay (for tourists)

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Expensives places are amazing, but diminishing returns compared with the cheapo kaiten sushi places like ganzo sushi, or genki sushi. Check our recommendations here

You can also pick up good deals after 2pm at seibu or another high end department store.


Very cheapo friendly, almost always very cheap – theres a few high end soba places but they are the exception not the rule.

Best Value Flights To Tokyo

  1. soba (buckwheat) + udon (thick wheat noodles)
  2. ramen, the ubiquitous thin wheat noodles in broth (miso, pork)
  3. tsukemen, dipping noodles – a ramen varient

Our cheapo recommendations here.

Curry (Japanese style)

Another good cheapo option, ichibanya CoCo Curry etc.
Independent places can get a little more pricey

Okonomiyaki + Takoyaki

Japanese fast food, usually pretty cheap, almost always available at festivals from a stall.

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