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Chris Kirkland

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Your favourite cheapos are back with a special on location recording of the “Best Of Japan Tour” in Coredo Muromachi. The tour is organised by the Nihonbashi Tourist Information Center who provide a few different tours and experiences with English speaking guides. The tour we went on is essentially a food tour with nibbles, you can hear our munching sounds on the podcast.

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They also offer a few other experiences, including Tea Ceremony, Geisha and Kimono, and you can book from their website.

tour guides
Our delightful kimono-clad hosts for the afternoon
Okui Kaiseido
Okui Kaiseido – kombu and colourful boxes from Fukui prefecture

Food Samples

Food Being Prepared

Some hand made sweets:

Shaving Bonito flakes (we also got to try this):

Delicate Flowers made from sugar and mochi rice

Flowers made from sugar and mochi rice

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3 Responses to “Nihonbashi Best Of Japan Tour”

  1. Very cool. Love to see more articles and videos like this!

    • CheapoGreg November 28, 2014

      Thanks very much. Did you listen to the podcast as well?

      • Oh right, almost forgot to look that up! I knew there was some podcast I meant to add. Thanks for the reminder! That’s great that the podcast is picking up again since April.

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