The Cheapo Delights of Shimokitazawa

Chris Kirkland

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Shimokitazawa cheap store
This week wandering the streets checking out the shops, restaurants and cafes of Shimokitazawa Greg and Chris are out and about once again. Like a pair of true cheapos they don’t buy anything but they do give a nice summary what kind of bargains can be found in this lively and thrifty part of town.

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Mentioned in this podcast


  • Stickout (site in Japanese) – clothes store everything 700yen!
  • Angelica (site in Japanese) – cute bakery with miso rolls
  • Daiso – cheapo (100yen) general store
  • Daikoku Drug (site in Japanese) – the (real) 100yen store/drug store.

And we recorded/ate yummy 500yen pizza at Napoli’s

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2 Responses to “The Cheapo Delights of Shimokitazawa”

  1. CheapoGreg

    Just realised I read ‘浅草寺’ as Asakusadera instead of Sensouji! If you’re looking for that particular festival you’ll find it at Sensouji.

    • CheapoGreg

      Got the name of the festival wrong too 🙁 It’s not Hakuro, it’s Shirasagi – Japanese has so many different readings!

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