12 Crazy Things You Can Buy at Don Quijote: Part 1

Carey Finn
This article was first published by the miserly bunch over at Tokyo Desu.

After the popularity of “12 Crazy Things You Can Buy in a Japanese Convenience Store” we decided to bring you another installment, this time looking at a Tokyo institution well-known for its absurdity.

Don Quijote, or Donki for short, is the kind of shop you’d find in a Dr. Zeuss book. Possibly one in which an eccentric billionaire takes a pack of crayons and “magic potions” to an orphanage then asks the kids to draw products he should stock in his new store.

Here’s 12 of the weird and wonderful offerings available at the Akihabara outlet:


Michael Jackson Masks, Available in Black or White

It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, but now Michael Jackson fans have the option to choose anyway. Get both for what could be the best costume partnership ever.

“Costume malfunction in aisle 4″
“Costume malfunction in aisle 4″ | Photo by Tokyo Desu?

Butt/Breast Pillows

Classic Japan. We’d quite like to buy one, purely to see people’s reactions as we whipped it out on a long haul flight.

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Hong Kong Cheapo


Nose Up

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Get that pig nose look that’s so hot right now with Nose Up! Because nothing is sexier than two wide, gaping nostrils staring back at you.

Except crudely attached animal parts…



After concluding that four billion years of biological evolution have failed our pathetic race, “biosensor fashion designers” Neurowear decided to give Mother Nature a helping hand and develop this next step for humanity – cat ears that measure your brainwaves and waggle when you seem to be happy. Which is constantly, because you will finally be anatomically complete.


Only in a non-violent culture like Japan could a weaponised phone case be legal. We want one for the bad pun opportunities it provides:

“Phone call for you”
“Who is it?”


Tights Man Costume

Of all the costumes out there, Black & White MJ included, tights man is the most convenient. No other accessories, clothes or pride needed (in fact, all of those things are strongly recommended against). Simply pull on the suit and become – not impersonate, become – Tights Man.

We recommend donning the Japanese Flag Tights Man version during your visa renewal application. To prove your dedication to Japan.

You can read about the rest in Part 2, here.

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