Want to do some shopping in Tokyo? Explore an area off the beaten path? Head to Meguro-dori, a large boulevard near Meguro Station. The area has vintage and contemporary furniture stores, and some unexpected boutiques. Many furniture stores are pricey, but even if they’re above your budget, Meguro-dori is a great place for a stroll or finding design inspiration.

Getting to Meguro-dori

To get to the shopping area on Meguro-dori from Meguro Station, arriving on the Namboku line, the Mita line, or the Meguro line, take a left out of the main exit. Arriving on the JR Yamanote Line, take a right out of the west exit and cross the street towards Palette Pizza. Head downhill, in the direction of traffic, on a street where you’ll see St. Marc Café on the right and Big Echo/Don Quijote on the left.

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meguro-dori shopping
Photo by Gina Anderson

After about a 10-minute walk, you’ll see a temple on the right; the strip of furniture stores starts here—on the left—with Acme and Karf. There are furniture shops and boutiques on both sides of the street up until Claska Hotel. Alternatively, you could start from Claska, which is a 10-minute walk from Gakugei-daigaku Station (Tokyu-Toyoko line). It’s 1.3 kilometers (0.8 miles) from one end of the strip to the other—about a 15- to 20-minute walk without stopping.

meguro street shopping
Photo by Gina Anderson

Here are our top picks, starting from Meguro Station and walking towards Claska Hotel. Right/left indicates side of the street.

Be aware that many stores in the area are closed on Wednesdays and some are also closed on Tuesdays.

Acme Furniture (right side)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Acme features American vintage items and custom vintage-inspired furniture. The three-story space has a wide range of furniture and decorative items.

Karf (right)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Photo by Gina Anderson

Karf offers beautiful custom contemporary furniture, with a minimalistic style. Some ceramics and household goods are also for sale.

Meguro Parasitological Museum (left)

Photo by Gina Anderson

An unusual museum, dedicated to parasites. The small two-story space is free. You can read more here.

The Sonechika and Colt & Co. (right)

Photo by Gina Anderson

There are two stores—the first is across from the Parasitological Museum, the second is just after Lewis (below). Both have red awnings. The first carries vintage furniture and interesting accessories like vintage travel pamphlets and maps, as well as old Polaroid cameras. The second carries mainly furniture—a mixture of well-known designers and antique items.

Lewis (right)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Lewis sells Scandinavian furniture and interior items, mostly from the 1960s and 1970s. The two-room store is homey and features mainly wooden furniture with simple designs.

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Point No 38 (left)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Point No 38 and its sister store Point No 39 are lighting stores; however, they also sell an eclectic mix of antique and vintage furniture and decorative items. Light bulbs and parts are on sale to construct your own lamp, including Edison bulbs.

Kakinokizaka Takumi (left)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Kakinokizaka Takumi features furniture made with wood from Asahikawa, in Hokkiado. The style is contemporary and some items are whimsical—like animal- or mushroom-inspired stools.

Article Antique & Curiosity (right)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Article sells an assorted collection of vintage decorative items and furniture, primarily imported from Europe. Contemporary vintage-style sound systems are on offer as well as some custom-order furniture.

Gekko Record (left)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Gekko boasts an impressive collection of records (average price ¥700) and reasonably priced secondhand items, including guitars, clothing, and housewares.

Aston Garret Room (left)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Aston Garret Room (previously Chambre de Nîmes) offers antique and vintage furniture, lighting and especially decorative items. The store will be moving to a new location a couple streets north of Meguro-dori in July 2019.

Hara Donuts (left)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Hara Donuts is a good option for a pit stop, offering tasty donuts (average ¥150) and drinks (around ¥300). A cafe space is available on the second floor, with bathrooms and water.

Brunch (left, on side street)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Situated a block off Meguro-dori, Nordic-inspired Brunch offers primarily wooden furniture, with sleek, clean lines. Most items are custom order and the collection spreads across four floors.

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Point No 39 (left)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Point No 39 features lighting, antique and vintage furniture and decorative items, as well as vintage bikes.

Blackboard (right)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Owned by Karf, Blackboard sells vintage furniture, primarily from Europe, as well as some contemporary products such as candles and stationery.

Good Morning Tokyo (right)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Good Morning Tokyo or GMT sells handmade granola. GMT was started by a long-term American resident in Japan, after losing weight by eating muesli. You can ask for samples!

Geographica (right)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Geographica specializes in antiques, and offers an impressive four-story collection. The second floor has an Italian-themed cafe/restaurant offering meals, desserts and drinks.

Freddy Leck sein Waschsalon (right)

Photo by Gina Anderson

A unique concept, this laundromat and dry cleaner has a cafe space, free wifi and sells household products.

Claska Hotel (right)

Photo by Gina Anderson

Claska boasts a cafe/restaurant, a shop, and roof deck with great views. The cafe/restaurant serves French-inspired modern cuisine, and the shop sells a range of clothing and housewares.

Photo by Gina Anderson

Factory & Labo Kanno Coffee (right)

Photo by Gina Anderson

If you’re a coffee aficionado, you may want to walk just past Claska to Kanno Coffee, which offers premium hand-drip coffee in an industrial design-style space. A limited selection of sandwiches and snacks are on offer.

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