Getting the Cheapest Flights Between South Africa and Tokyo

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South Africa to Tokyo
South African Airways is often the cheapest option from South Africa to Tokyo. | Photo by Aero Icarus used under CC

With multiple connecting flights daily, jetting from South Africa to Tokyo is easy and, if you know where to look, affordable too. While it might seem like Japan is halfway around the world (and it is, in fact, more than 14,000km away), you can get from Johannesburg or Cape Town to the neon lights of the capital in 24 hours or under. Whether you’re heading east for leisure, business or that weird blend known as bleisure, this article is all about helping you get there for as few of those rands as possible. Bon voyage!

tl;dr: Qatar Airways is one of the cheaper options. Have a look at prices.

South Africa to Tokyo: The options

Flight times

We’ll be direct about this—there are no direct flights from South Africa to Tokyo. Rumor has it one airline used to route straight from Johannesburg to Tokyo, but that flight was either discontinued or never actually existed. So all of your options require at least one connection, with some transfers more chilled than others. You can depart from either Cape Town or Johannesburg, with what we reckon are the better options (personal preference here) leaving from the City of Gold.

Flight times depend on the carrier, but generally speaking you have a choice of two main routes: via the Middle East (9-10 hours there and another 9-10 to Tokyo), or via Hong Kong (a ±14-hour trip there and then a 4-hour sling to Tokyo). If you want to go the Hong Kong route, you’ll need to leave from Johannesburg. If you prefer the Middle East, there are flights from both Cape Town and Jozi. You can also go via China or Ethiopia, but these journeys tend to be very, very long, so we recommend paying ±R1,000 more and going with one of the others.

South Africa to Tokyo
Pack a pillow and prepare for the wait. | Photo by Eric Wong used under CC

The layover

Your transfer time in Hong Kong can be as little as 1.5 hours if you want to leap off your first flight and roll right onto the next, but many travelers opt to do a day or two in the city to break the journey. Last we checked, South Africans could obtain a 30-day visitor’s visa upon arrival in Hong Kong, so it’s an easy place to explore – especially with the help of our sister site Hong Kong Cheapo. Cathay Pacific and South African Airways both fly via Hong Kong and come recommended by yours truly.

If you’re routing via Dubai (on Emirates), Abu Dhabi (on Etihad Airways), Doha (on Qatar) or Istanbul (on Turkish), you’re looking at a stop of between 2 and 10 hours. If you find yourself with a couple of hours to kill, you can pay for a private shower (or use the free public ones) to freshen up and roam the airport until it’s time to board. Since we’ve been there, and been uncomfortable and sore-legged several times, we recommend booking a one-day stopover instead, for maximum comfort and the chance to do a spot of sightseeing.

South Africa to Tokyo
Cathay Pacific also usually have reasonable ticket prices for the South Africa to Tokyo route. | Photo by InSapphoWeTrust

Flight costs from Cape Town and Johannesburg

Without further ado, here’s what you can expect to pay for a flight from Cape Town or Johannesburg to Tokyo. Prices fluctuate over the year, so play around with different travel dates to find the best cheapo deals.

All Carriers Johannesburg to Tokyo (fares in ZAR)
RouteAirlineReturn FareBooking
Johannesburg => TokyoEthiopian AirlinesR6,914.00Details
Johannesburg => TokyoCathay PacificR12,270.00Details
Johannesburg => TokyoEmiratesR12,375.00Details
All Carriers Cape Town to Tokyo (fares in ZAR)
RouteAirlineReturn FareBooking
Cape Town => TokyoEthiopian AirlinesR10,943.00Details
Cape Town => TokyoTurkish AirlinesR12,082.00Details
Cape Town => TokyoQatar AirwaysR12,168.00Details

A quick word of warning: When booking, avoid non-protected self-transfers. These deals not only require you to re-check in your baggage at your transfer airport, but the onward flight is done at your own risk. If you miss it, you’ll have to fork out for another ticket on the spot. Make sure that if you are flying into Cape Town or Johannesburg to take your Japan flight, the domestic leg is booked as part of your whole ticket, and not a separate thing.

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Best time to fly from South Africa to Tokyo

South Africa to Tokyo
Autumn in Tokyo is just magical. | Photo by Yoshikazu TAKADA used under CC

While December might be the logical time for most South Africans to fly to Japan (what with Christmas holidays and all), it’s not the best—or cheapest period to visit. The weather is cold and the sky gray, and as the calendar gets closer to New Year, businesses shut and prices go up. If possible, try to get yourself to Tokyo in November—it’s late autumn, with more comfortable weather and beautiful leaves galore. Tokyo’s summer blazes from July to early September, with the rainy season falling in June. That said, any of those months are suitable for visiting (just pack a sweat towel)—although mid-August’s traditional family holiday called Obon does see a spike in air ticket and accommodation prices.

The cherry blossom season from late March to mid-April is an awesome time of year to travel through Tokyo, but it’s also pricey and packed. The Chinese New Year in February (or thereabouts) can also be a little on the expensive side. If you can’t avoid these dates, booking your flights and hotels MONTHS in advance is a way to offset the steepness of yens.

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Arrival: Narita or Haneda Airport?

If you have a choice between Narita and Haneda Airport for the same price, go for Haneda. Narita is quite a way out from the city center—the airport is in the rurals of neighboring Chiba Prefecture, making your transfer time a little longer and pricier. Haneda is newer, sleeker and actually in Tokyo proper, meaning that you can breeze off the plane and be sitting down to sushi in under an hour.

Most flights from South Africa land at Narita, because we’re not the only ones who are budget-conscious (airlines, we see what you’re doing), so just look at the figures and work out what is going to be the easiest and most economical option for your arrival. Our articles on the cheapest ways of getting from Haneda to Tokyo and the cheapest ways of getting from Narita to Tokyo are helpful for comparing transfer routes and rates.

Tokyo as a stopover

South Africa to Tokyo
Even a short stopover should give you enough time to experience Shibuya crossing and other popular parts of Tokyo. | Photo by Olivier Bruchez used under CC

It’s possible to take a short break in Tokyo on your way to another part of Asia, Europe or even somewhere else. For some low-cost ideas on what to do if you’re in the big city for a day or two, head over to our Tokyo in 24 Hours Itinerary. Our list of 101 Cheap and Free Things to Do is also a good port of call. And if you’re looking for hotels, check out our Accommodation Guide.

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