Whether you’re climbing it or just admiring the iconic mountain from a distance, Fuji-san is well worth a trip from Tokyo. If you want to stay nearby, we have more than a few suggestions for accommodation near Mount Fuji.

Unsurprisingly, your options for accommodation near Mount Fuji include plenty of hotels, hostels and traditional Japanese ryokan (inns) to bed down in for the night, with a few even perched on its slopes. Whether you’re looking to view the mountain and then explore Kawaguchiko, or just stare lovingly at the peak from an onsen (hot spring), you’re sure to find something that suits your budget. Combine this with excellent transport options from Tokyo and our hiking guide with all you need to know, and you’re set to go!

Ryokan near Mount Fuji: The traditional option

Staying in a ryokan is a special experience—waking up to the smell of tatami mats and stepping outside to see Mt Fuji is an incredible feeling, but can also be expensive. We’ve found some more affordable options that are worth the money (i.e nice onsen, no guesthouse vibes etc.), but if you don’t mind splashing out a little more there are lots to choose from.

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Hotel Kasuitei Ooya
Hotel Kasuitei Ooya | Photo by Kasuitei Ooya

Royal Hotel Kawaguchiko

Okay, so you can’t really have a full ryokan experience for ¥3,500 a night, but this is pretty darn close. It may be listed as a hotel, but it ticks every ryokan box (tatami, onsen, meals) and they also have dorm rooms available. You still get tatami mats, futons to sleep on and access to an outdoor onsen, as well as the central location—you just have to sleep next to some other people, that’s all. They have mixed and female-only dorm rooms that sleep 6-8 people, and you can add a traditional breakfast if you want to treat yourself (¥2,100). Wifi is available in the lounge area and a free shuttle service to Kawaguchiko Station can be arranged too, although it is only half a mile away if you don’t mind walking.

Group size: 1 – 6 people
Price range: From ¥3,500 per person
Bookings: Royal Hotel Kawaguchiko booking link

Kasuitei Ooya

As ryokan go, this is a good one, especially for the price. A full hotel with indoor and outdoor onsen to enjoy, it has tatami rooms and the price includes a traditional breakfast. The ryokan has balconies with views of Mount Fuji, and you can rent private onsen if public just isn’t for you. There is wifi in the lounge area, and there is a free shuttle service to Kawaguchiko Station if required. It is also within walking distance of Lake Kawaguchi. There’s a convenience store next door for any extras you might need, but the hotel takes care of all the usual amenities.

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Group size: 2+ people
Price range: From ¥23,400 per room
Bookings: Kasuitei Ooya booking link

Hotels near Mount Fuji: Keeping it simple

If you want to do things properly and really hate sharing a bathroom, then a hotel is probably your best option. While they may be a little more pricey, if you’re a couple or travel pair then it can definitely be worthwhile, as prices can end up close to what you would both pay at a hostel.

Fuji View Hotel
Fuji View Hotel | Photo by Fuji View Hotel

Fuji View Hotel

This hotel sits in the shadows of Mt Fuji, surrounded by beautiful green gardens displaying fiery maple leaves in autumn and soft cherry blossom in spring. Rooms are either Japanese or Western style, with private bathrooms. They are large by Japanese standards, with views of either Fuji-san or Lake Kawaguchiko. You can use the indoor and outdoor shared baths to relax, and a full Western buffet breakfast is available for an additional ¥2,000. If you’re planning a relaxing stay in the area and want to enjoy a bit of luxury, this is a good start. Nearby, you’ll find Sengen Shrine and the Momiji Tunnel. The hotel offers a free shuttle service to and from Kawaguchiko Station.

Group size: 1+ people
Price range: From ¥13,000 per night
Bookings: Fuji View Hotel booking link

Fujisan Resort Hotel

A modern, clean and smart hotel, this is a great option if you want to keep things simple—and it has great rates for single rooms. You can bump it up by ¥1,000 for breakfast, and there are dinner options available too. Rooms are Western style and come with everything you would expect, from a mini kettle to yukata robe. Unfortunately, they do not advertise shuttle services, and it is about a 10-minute drive from the lake, so this one may be best if you have your own car.

Group size: 1+ people
Price range: From ¥5,500 per night
Bookings: Fujisan Resort Hotel booking link

Shiki-no-Yado Fujisan

If you don’t mind a slightly dated look, this hotel has a decent onsen and great views of Mount Fuji from the breakfast lounge. Rooms have Western beds and/or futons (although all beds are singles), as well as a tatami area and private bathroom. They come with traditional yukata, plus wifi. There is also the possibility of hitting the jackpot and getting a golden bath. They offer a free shuttle service to the station, so you don’t need to worry about transport.

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Group size: 1 – 7 people
Price range: From ¥11,640 per night
Bookings: Shiki-no-Yado Fujisan booking link

Hostels near Mount Fuji: The social/shoestring option

There are also dedicated hostels in the area for those on a lower budget. Your view doesn’t have to cost you the earth, as long as you don’t mind dorm rooms and shared bathrooms.

Asobi Factory
Asobi Factory | Photo by Asobi Factory

K’s House Mt Fuji

A popular chain of hostels across Japan, K’s House is a reliable option with low prices and enough recommendations to put your mind at ease. They offer a simple hostel service with mixed and female-only dorm rooms, as well as some private Japanese-style rooms. There is a fully-equipped kitchen, a lounge area and wifi, as well as computers, for guest use. You’ll be staying just under 15 minutes’ walk from Kawaguchiko Station and can use one of the rental bikes to explore the surrounding area.

Group size: 1 – 6 people
Price range: From ¥2,600 per person
Bookings: K’s House Mt Fuji booking link

Asobi Factory

This is a quirky hostel a little further away from the station. It’s recently been renovated, and they offer mixed and female-only dorms, as well as family rooms with a mountain view. You can rent bikes to explore the area and are able to organize a free shuttle service to the train station when needed, as well as the option of free parking. One of the highlights is a Hinoki cypress bath with underfloor heating. If you’re on your own or in a small group, booking a family room works out well as they are available from ¥4,200 with three beds, and the price is for the whole room (as opposed to dorms, where the price is per bed).

Group size: 1 – 3 people
Price range: From ¥3,000 per person
Bookings: Asobi Factory booking link

Capsule hotel near Mount Fuji: Minimalists rejoice

It’s the simplest way: you, a small space, and not much else. Capsule hotels may be some people’s idea of a nightmare, but for others they beat the open space of a dorm, and they’re fairly affordable.

Capsule Inn Fujisan
Capsule Inn Fujisan | Photo by Capsule Inn Fujisan

Capsule Inn Fujisan

If you like your privacy and don’t mind it coming at the price of space, then this capsule hotel is for you. It’s a standard capsule affair, with either mixed or female-only dormitories, shared bathrooms and vending machines available. They will store your luggage, and offer bike hire too. There is a convenience store less than 10 minutes away, so you can pack light and pick up the food essentials there. The hotel is near Kawaguchiko Station and the main sights, including Lake Kawaguchiko.

Group size: 1 person
Price range: From ¥2,000
Bookings: Capsule Inn Fujisan booking link

Airbnb/Vacation Rentals near Mount Fuji: For groups and lovers (of privacy, that is)

The design of a typical Japanese apartment lends itself to Airbnb well—small, self-contained and minimal, they’re often rather similar to hotel rooms. Alternatively, you can rent a whole house and make sure everyone is up bright and early for the morning hike.

Climbing and descending Mt. Fuji
Photo by iStock.com/andrzej_mazur

Rental Villa Oishiso

If you’re in a large group and looking for some modern accommodation with all the extras in a quiet residential area near Lake Kawaguchi, this is the place for you. The house has room for up to 8 people and is well equipped, so you’ll be able to cook and relax. It also has a BBQ area, so you’ll be able to prepare meals outside when the weather is nice.

Group size: 1 – 8 people
Price range: From ¥12,500 per person/night
Bookings: Rental Villa Oishiso booking link


Located at the foot of Mount Fuji, Shikitei provides whole villas and cottages with full kitchen and bathroom facilities. Bedding can either be futons or western style beds. The architecture is quite unique with a traditional Japanese feel and elegant Japanese gardens and terraces for soaking in the surrounding nature.

Group size: Up to 10 on futons and beds
Price range: From ¥20,000 per person/night
Bookings: Shikitei booking link

This post was published in May, 2018 and last updated in April, 2019. While we do our best to make sure that the prices and other details in this post are correct, they are, like all things, subject to change.

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