Our top 10 cheapo articles of 2017 highlights all of life’s finest pleasures: traveling, eating and shopping!

#10 – Top 10 Things to Do in Kabukicho


Bright neon lights and seedy side streets filled with risque bars—Kabukicho certainly has a reputation, but there are some surprises hidden in there too. Samurai museums, Godzilla statues and tiny bars as well as love hotels and robot restaurants all lie side by side, so get exploring! Go to post

#9 – 25 Easy Day Trips from Tokyo

Photo by Hans-Johnson used under CC

Tokyo is great, but everyone needs to escape the big city every once in a while and fortunately there are plenty of amazing places to choose from! Whether you want a relaxing onsen town or a vigorous mountain hike, we’ve got 25 of the best to choose from! Go to post

Suggested Activity
Go Karting with Cosplay through Asakusa & Akihabara (See Skytree)
Don your favourite video game or superhero outfit and drive go-karts through Asakusa and Akihabara — passing Tokyo Skytree! International driving license required.

#8 – Tokyo to Kawaguchiko

Kawaguchiko Music Forest

Kawaguchiko is the perfect place to see Fuji, but there’s more to it than that! One of Tokyo’s most popular side trips, the lake-side route is home to art galleries, flower festivals and theme parks, and is usually top of the list when it comes to day trips! Go to post

#7 – Tokyo Ramen Street

Choose from eight of the country’s best ramen shops all under the same roof, and all on the way to your next destination! Tokyo Station is home to Tokyo Ramen Street—a special corner of the underground labyrinths filled with traditional and contemporary restaurants serving all your favorite kinds of ramen. Go to post

#6 – Luggage Storage in Tokyo

luggage storage in tokyo

Travel is great, hauling luggage is not though, so finding out how to get rid of the bags can be a weight off your shoulders, literally. From the traditional station lockers and where to find them to the latest apps for rental space 24/7, there are plenty of options to help you lose the weight and start your holiday. Go to post

#5 – Cheap Shoes in Tokyo

Harajuku Shoes
Photo by Claire Winslow used under CC

Shoes are essential—there’s no denying that—so when it comes to finding the right pair in Tokyo it can be pretty daunting if you’re not sure where to start. From high heels for nights out to hiking boots for Fuji, there are the right shops for your needs, and we’ll help you find them. Go to post

#4 – Top 10 Things to Do Around Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station
Photo by Jimmy B used under CC

We may have covered Ramen Street, but Tokyo Station is an amazing place to start your explorations of the city. Explore art galleries, visit the Imperial Palace and do some pretty unique shopping—it’s all within walking distance of one of the most beautiful stations in Tokyo. Go to post

#3 – Kamakura Mega Guide

Photo by bryan... used under CC

High on almost everyone’s list when planning day trips; Kamakura is a mini-Kyoto just waiting to be explored. Sip green tea in bamboo groves and see giant Buddhas, all while only an hour from the city. Our mega-guide has all the best bits, with hiking trails and a guide to the different historical sights. Go to post

#2 – 24 Hours in Tokyo: The Definitive Guide

Tokyo Tower in Roppongi. | Photo by Wei-Te Wong used under CC

You can’t see it all in a day, but you can certainly try, and we’re here to help you. Whatever time you arrive, you can hit the ground running with our guide to seeing the city, including food, top sights and unusual escapes that will make you feel like you’ve really experienced Tokyo, but giving you plenty of inspiration to come back and see more! Go to post

#1 – Tokyo Markets

Photo by Aussie Assault used under CC

If you don’t like mega-malls and want a more personal experience when picking up souvenirs and treats in Tokyo, then markets will be right up your street. Whether you’re after fruit and sweets or some small antiques, we have all the best spots and when to be there to get the bargains. Go to post

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