Cheapo Weekend for Aug 15-16: Spray and Play

Adriana Mazza

Whether your interest lie in all things traditional, cutesy, otaku or artistic, this weekend’s line up has got a little bit of something for everyone.

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Let’s set off with the Fukagawa Festival on Sat. Aug 15th for those who are more traditionally-inclined. Known as one of the the three great Shinto festivals in Tokyo, this festival takes place at the Tomioka Hachiman-gu Shrine and features a procession of 120 mikoshi (portable shrines). The star of the show however is when spectators (approx. 500,000 of them) splash water on the shrine bearers to keep ’em cool. Boiled down, you can treat this festival as a well-deserved and super fun water fight to ward off August’s heat and humidity.

Summer Comiket at Tokyo Big Sight is the perfect place for comic and cosplay lovers. It’s the biggest event of its kind to showcase the work of amateur manga artists and offers a space to dress up in costumes—or just people-watch others in theirs. If you do dress up, be ready to pay 800 yen, otherwise admission is free. If you’d rather avoid the major crowds that Comiket will surely provide, the Manga*Anime*Games from Japan Exhibition is still running at the National Art Center for a more laid-back display of  Japanese pop culture.

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For some cartoon-come-to-life action, you have two options. You can either head to Yokohama and be witness to 1000 dancing pikachus and partake in various pikachu-related activities (movie, Ferris wheel, meet-and-greet) or you can chill with 66 Doraemon statues at the Roppongi Hills Arena and revel in the free daily concerts (most start at 6pm).

Head to the Nihonbashi Art Aquarium for an awesome aesthetic adventure. Watch brilliantly colored fish swim in brilliantly and artistically designed aquariums enhanced by lights and music.

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Happy Weekend!

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