Cheapo Weekender: Low Cost Activities for the Weekend of June 23/24

Greg Lane

The humidity of summer has landed on us like a big sticky sheet of cling wrap this week, so best to get outside where you’ll at least have the relief of a nice breeze.  Despite rainy season continuing, this weekend also looks like it will provide some respite with sun forecast on both Saturday and Sunday.  So here are our recommendations.

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 Suggested Activity 

On Friday the 22nd after dark, you can head to Omotesando for ‘Candle Night @ OMOTESANDO – EcoAvenue‘.  There will be candles all around Omotesando and recycled candles will be on sale with all proceeds going to charitable causes.  All very romantic.

Along with hydrangeas, which we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, there is another variety of flower that people travel from far and wide to gaze at around this time of year.  The lilac coloured ‘Japanese Iris’ or shoubu. This weekend sees the last two days of a display of a huge field of 8,000 shoubu plants in Higashi Murayama in far west Tokyo.  The display of irises can be seen at Kitayama Park which is a 20 minute walk from Seibu Higashimurayama station.

This weekend also sees the closing days of some free exhibitions at the National Art Center, Tokyo. The exhibitions are of traditional Japanese ink drawings and calligraphy.

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Article image by Wajun via a Creative Commons license.

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