Cheapo Weekend for April 16-17: Horseback Archery, Club Nights and Flower Fests

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No weekend plans? Here’s a breakdown of your cheapo options:

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Kamakura Matsuri (April 10-17): The annual Kamakura Matsuri festival features a variety of parades and performances with the highlight being a display of horseback archery (from 1:00pm on the last Sunday).

Asakusa Yabusame (April 16): This is a chance to watch yabusame, the impressive Japanese martial art of horse-mounted archery in Asakusa. While there are a few yabusame events throughout the year, this one in Asakusa is most spectacular due to the high performance levels of the archers. Also, April is still cherry blossom season, targets are loaded with pink and white confetti symbolizing the petals of the blossoms—when they are hit, they burst and the confetti flies much to the delight of the viewers.

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Valhalla Club Night (April 16): Valhalla is an all inclusive LGBT club event. Expect killer drag, burlesque dance and DJ performances.

Yoyogi Park WanWan Carnival (April 16-17): The Wan Wan (onomatopoeia for the sound a dog makes in Japanese) Carnival is a festival of everything doggy. Dog clothes, dog grooming, professional dog photographers, performing dogs, dog quizzes, dog dancing, famous dogs, obedience, agility and speed-eating contests are all part of the event.

Oedo Antique Market (April 17): The Oedo Antique Market—the biggest outdoor market in Japan—remains a cheapo staple in our books. It’s a great spot for finding unique souvenirs, decorating your apartment on a shoestring, and strolling about in the spring weather doesn’t hurt either.

Movement Presents Beni at Circus Tokyo (April 18): Sydney dance music legend Beni is bringing his shape-shifting brand of production to CIRCUS Tokyo to perform his newest beats and celebrate the launch of his forthcoming album.

Yaezakura – Late-blooming cherry blossoms (mid to late April): It’s not too late to see cherry blossoms! While the iconic five-petaled Somei Yoshino are gone, there are plenty other varieties that are just as beautiful and blossoming all around Tokyo. Or if you had your fill during hanami season, check out these flower festivals including wisteria and tulips, among others.

Pixar: 30 Years of Animation Exhibition (on until end of May): Take a stroll down nostalgia lane by visiting the temporary Pixar exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition has been on a world tour as part of the animation company’s 30th anniversary celebrations, and has finally made its way to Japan for a two-month stint. On display will be hand-drawn sketches, original storyboards, paintings, color scripts and character models—see how your favorite Pixar peeps made their way to the big screen!

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Why Are Videogames So Interesting? Exhibition (on until end of May): Try out up to 120 games at this video games exhibition at the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. We highly recommend trying out the London Heist virtual reality game—our minds were blown!

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