Cheapo Weekend for July 18-19: Fireworks and Summer Fests

Adriana Paradiso

Welcome to another weekend in Tokyo. But not just any weekend—this one’s got the kind of events line up that initiates the true start of summertime in Tokyo.

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adachi fireworks
Photo by Marufish used under CC

We’d be silly if the first thing out of our mouths (well, you know what we mean) wasn’t some sort of fireworks festival, synonymous with the season. The Adachi Fireworks at Arakawa Nishiaraibashi Park kick us off with a 12,000 illuminations. Note that the event is scheduled for Sat. July 18, though, it’s calling for rain that night, so there’s a chance it’ll be rescheduled for the next day, Sun. July 19. If you can’t make it on the weekend, there’s also the Katsushika Fireworks Festival on Tuesday night (July 21) at the Shibamata Baseball Field. (For more fireworks festivals throughout the summer, visit here)

Brazilian Day at the events square at Yoyogi Park is another summer vibes-inducing option, with a parade  on Saturday and samba, capoeira, and musical performances peppered throughout the weekend.

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The parades don’t stop there though: the Ueno Summer Festival (although it started last weekend) will feature its main parade along Chuo Dori this Saturday (July 18). It comes paired with a paper lantern floating fest, an antique market and an ice sculpture display that take place around Shinobazuno-ike Pond in Ueno Park.

If you’re not into being outdoors and feeling sticky thanks to the humidity, why not check out the enchanting Nihonbashi Art Aquarium—colourful fish in colourful aquariums re-purposed into art. At night, expect live music, drinks and light shows. This event goes until Sep 23rd, so fret not if you can’t make it this time.

Happy Weekend!

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