Harajuku Zombie Attack. Pic by ChrisBravoTown, used under a Creative Commons licence.
Harajuku Zombie Attack. Pic by ChrisBravoTown, used under a Creative Commons licence. | Photo by chrisbravotown used under CC

After the lull last weekend, this one is shaping up to a be a big one, with fantastic festivals and free stuff. So make the most of the late spring weather and experience Tokyo at its best!

If you’re free at noon on Saturday (and even if you aren’t – make a plan), get down to Asakusa for the must-see Sanja Matsuri. As one of the top three Shinto festivals in Tokyo, it’s at the top of our Top 5 Events Listing for May. You can expect a traditional festival with a twist, as rough and rowdy tattooed types jostle portable shrines while around two million spectators cheer them on. Once you’ve had your fill of the action, you can mosey (or elbow your way) around Asakusa Shrine and pick up some cheapo souvenirs and snacks.

Another huge event that’s happening is the Design Festa at Big Sight in Odaiba. One of Asia’s most prominent art events, with 10 000+ exhibitors, this is an essential experience for creative types.

Also on is the Kagoshima Ohara Matsuri in Shibuya – a celebration of all things from the sweet potato prefecture down in Kyushu. Expect delicious goodies and exciting parades featuring taiko drumming and traditional dance down Dogenzaka. It’s a good chance to catch a bit of old-school culture in the centre of Tokyo.

Meanwhile, over at Yoyogi Park, the ever-popular Thai Festival will be happening. Stop by for tasty curries, smoothies, booze and music. After lunch on Saturday, you can check out the Zombie Walk that will be happening there too.

Come back to the land of the living on Sunday to take advantage of International Museum Day – a chance to get into a bunch of museums in Tokyo for free. Cheapo knowledge win!

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