Forget the onigiri you grabbed on the way into town, try one of these delicious lunch sets in Shibuya which all come in at ¥1,000 or under!

Shibuya has more restaurants than a single person could ever hope to try, but we’ve been to a fair few and have some great recommendations for your next lunch break. We’ve kept it all in mind—places good for groups, quick service and nowhere that will leave you smelling like an ashtray. Whether you’re in the mood for ramen, dumplings, or even Nepalese, we have you covered with these highly recommended Shibuya lunch spots!

1. Kugatsudo: Cafe-style ramen from ¥770

A ramen place you can actually relax in, Kugatsudo is an airy cafe-style restaurant that offers ramen as a set—meaning you get your bowl of noodles with either a side of fried rice or a dessert for ¥930 (or a bit extra if you want both). The ramen is made using only natural flavors and ingredients, so no MSG, which means no headaches and the feeling that you’ve treated yourself without the fast-food guilt that often follows. Make sure to check out the seasonal ramen options and the luxurious option (might as well make the most of those sofas and luxuriate all you can).

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The desserts are no afterthought either, with seasonal parfaits and fruity treats which hit that sweet tooth but don’t weight you down. If you’re catching up with someone this is the ideal spot—there’s no side-eye if you linger longer than your allotted ten minutes (like in a typical ramen shop) and the food is delicious.

Hours: Tuesday–Friday: 11 am–10 pm, Sunday & holidays: 11 am–9 pm, Closed Monday
Price: ¥770¥1,040

2. Nepalico: Dal bhat and free refills from ¥750

Serving up a traditional lunch menu of dal bhat, Nepalico offers a delicious change from the usual and is only a few minutes’ walk from Shibuya. A simple dish favored in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, the meal consists of rice and dal (a lentil soup) and, as this is a Nepalese restaurant, is served with vegetable torkari (a seasonal veg mix) and pickles. There’s a meat option or a traditional veg one (above), and although the dish looks a little scant, you get free refills of dal, so you can really eat your fill. The flavors are both comforting and refreshing, with the sharp red sauce perfect for mixing with rice and dal to give it a boost. If the above isn’t quite your cup of tea, they have other meal sets including curries and soup starting from ¥0. Treat yourself to a lassi and you’ll be wondering why you ever go anywhere else.

Hours: 11:30 am–3 pm (last order 30 minutes before)
Price: ¥750¥1,000

3. Shanti: Soup curry sets from ¥880

A Hokkaido speciality, soup curry is pure joy in a bowl, basically. Thinner than curry but still with the same kick, this is great if you need a bit of nutrition as the bowls come packed with veg and protein (either in the form of chicken or eggs). Using 20 spices, the soup curry here can be modified to suit your heat tolerance, ranging from 1 to 40, but with an additional cost required if you venture above 5 (starting from ¥50. There are two curry bases on offer, the traditional Shanti soup curry and the Saigon soup, which has a clear, mellow broth.

There are plenty of combinations to choose from, with veg forming the general base and options of momo (South Asian–style dumplings), chicken or eggs as well as a hamburger and a meatball option. Almost all are below ¥1,000, with only the Mandala special (momo and chicken) being significantly higher.

Hours:Sunday–Thursday 11:30 am–12:30 am (open until 7 am in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays!)
Price: ¥880¥1,590

4. Milan Nataraj: Vegan and vegetarian Indian worth queueing for

If the smell of this place isn’t enough to convince you the minute you walk through the door, the sight of the curries will. Offering both a lunch set menu and a lunch buffet option, here veggies and vegans can roam free, unafraid of the accidental meat often lying in wait.

The best deals are to be had on weekdays, of course, where a lunch buffet will cost the joyful sum of ¥1,080 for four curries, rice, naan and salad. Regular lunch sets include a single-curry option for ¥980, a double for ¥1,180 and a spinach curry set for ¥1,380—we think you’ll agree the buffet is the way to go. While the weekend options are a little higher, the buffet option includes desserts and snacks too, and is only around ¥400 extra, which is still a bargain. The curries are all veg and most are vegan, plus there are clear signs everywhere about ingredients and even vegan naan!

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Hours: 11:30 am—11 pm
Price: ¥990¥1,490

5. Tiger Gyoza Hall: Canteen-style treats from ¥880

Gyoza (dumplings) served up in a light, airy restaurant—this is a great spot if you’re looking for something casual. With plenty of tables and efficient service, perfect for a lunch break with a few friends. The lunch menu has plenty of fixed options and new specials each day, all featuring a type of gyoza, a bulkier dish like rice or coriander noodles and side or two—think salad, tofu or egg-drop soup. There are vegetarian options (although they are more reminiscent of samosas than gyoza but delicious nonetheless) clearly labeled, which is a nice change.

The prices are generally ¥880 for the regular dishes, ¥1,000 for the veggie option and specials are a little higher. The dishes are all decent portions and although it’s not going to be the gastronomic highlight of your month, it’s a satisfying, filling meal with enough variety for multiple visits!

Hours: 11:30 am to 10 pm
Price: ¥880¥1,200

6. Nagi Shokudo: Filling vegan lunches from ¥1,000

If you’re avoiding meat, fish and dairy, then Nagi Shokudo is the perfect place. Entirely vegan, this simple but friendly cafe offers delicious lunch sets with a whole range of seasonal vegetable sides to go with them. The most popular option is the soy-meat lunch set which comes with brown rice, miso soup, salad and pickels—all delicious. Alternatively, there’s a lunch special which changes regularly and comes with a choice of three vegetables sides from their impressive list, as well as soup, rice and pickels. If you’re lucky, there will be a curry set too, making your lunch decisions a decided struggle! The cafe is a little tricky to find, but it’s on a corner, just down a few steps.

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Hours: 12 pm–3 pm (also open for dinner from 6 pm–10 pm)
Price: ¥1,000¥1,200

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