Free Grass – Yoyogi ‘Secret’ Park

Chris Kirkland

Tokyo is a city almost completely devoid of green, an in particular lush green grass. Where there is grass of any quality in Tokyo, it tends to be surrounded by a fence with 立ち入り禁止 (keep out) written on it, or a ticket barrier demanding an entrance fee.

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For several years, if I wanted to sit in a park, I resigned myself to the fact I’d just have to jump on a train to somewhere like the Tachikawa national park and pay the entrance fee to get my fix of sitting on some grass.

Then one day I randomly stumbled across this (pictured above) large expanse of lush grass, trees and rolling hills in the middle of central Tokyo. Moreover there’s no entrance fee, and no it’s not Shinjuku Gyoen (which is nice but still has a ¥500 entrance fee, and gets rather crowded).

I almost don’t want to reveal the location of this ‘secret’ park for fear of it becoming too popular. Most days that I’ve been, there’s been just a scattering of other visitors which is mind boggling considering it’s only a 10minute walk from the main central yoyogi park which is usually pretty rammed on a warm spring day.


Probably the easiest way to get there is to alight at Yoyogi Station, head to the North entrance to Meiji Jingu and follow the path leading to the right.

If I see too many people in this park, then maybe we’ll have to take this post down!

Further Reading

I recently met the chap that runs Tokyo Green Space – perhaps a source of inspiration for other spots of nature (without entrance fees) within the sprawling metropolis.

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4 Responses to “Free Grass – Yoyogi ‘Secret’ Park”

  1. Avatar

    We went there on Sunday. A lovely sunny day in May and it wasn’t busy at all – so relaxing.
    The only thing is that it’s officially part of Meiji Jingu, not Yoyogi Park, and there was a loudspeaker telling everyone this. They also announced no eating, drinking, smoking or sports. That didn’t stop most people from enjoying a nice picnic, though…

  2. Avatar

    Still need to wonder off and check this out.

  3. Avatar
    cheap.egg June 30, 2013

    Thanks Chris, that’s exactly what I will need in between cheapo ruch Tokyo exploration. Do you know if it’s open 24h?

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