In need of an English-speaking hair salon in Tokyo? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We get it, it can be intimidating getting your hair cut in another country. So, whether you want a trim or to change your look radically, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks for the best English-speaking hair salons in Tokyo.

1. Kaze Hair Salon Daikanyama: For stylists experienced with all hair types

From ¥12,320
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If you’re looking for a English-speaking stylist in Tokyo who will take time to get to know your hair, Kaze Hair Salon in Daikanyama is the place for you. This salon has staff fluent in English and Chinese, with each treatment starting with a consultation to really get to know you and your hair. They offer the latest techniques in styling, color, and layering to ensure that your hair looks just the way you want. And to make sure you keep looking your best at home, the staff will teach you the best ways to maintain and care for your hair as well. It’s the perfect place to pamper your hair. Sessions can be booked online for convenience, so set a time and let your hair shine.

2. Yaya: For complete privacy

From ¥8,900
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For those who enjoy the luxury of total privacy, you just can’t go past Yaya. This hair salon in Asakusa allows you to get your hair done in a private little room, so you can feel completely comfortable. The expert stylists take the condition of your hair into consideration and offer premium treatments to help improve your hair’s health. They’ll also work with you to find a style that suits your lifestyle and fashion sense. And considering that a cut, color, and treatment starts at just ¥8,900, they’re very well priced too. You can request an English-speaking stylist when making your booking.

3. Assort: For top-quality service

Aoyama (they also have a store in Osaka)

If you want a place that gives the full-on salon service, Assort in Aoyama is a standout. Assort lands more in the middle-price range with its cheapest haircut at ¥7,700, but you get top-quality service in return. As a bonus, people say it’s “Tokyo’s #1 English-friendly Hair Salon”, and 90 percent of its clientele are foreigners, ranging from expats to tourists.

4. Hayato Tokyo: For bilingual stylists in Tokyo

Roppongi (and another salon in Hakone)

Another place that touts its foreigner-friendliness is Hayato Tokyo in Roppongi. All stylists are highly-skilled and bilingual, with 2+ years of training in New York. This is the place to get the royal treatment without the royal price tag. The lowest price for a haircut is ¥9,900, complete with Shiatsu massage during shampoo and treatment.

5. Afrodita: For English-speaking stylists in Yokohama


If you live in the Yokohama ballpark (just south of Tokyo), Afrodita is a solid option. Around 30% of their clients are expats, and the stylists know how to cut non-Japanese hair (their words, not ours). Along with a good range of hair services, they also offer nail and waxing. Giving customers “‘elite’ Tokyo results at Yokohama prices,” women’s haircuts are ¥6,600 and up, and men’s start from ¥4,400.

6. Boy Hair Salon: For friendly, laid-back service

Harajuku and Daikanyama

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Don’t let the name fool you — Boy Hair Salons provide services for both men and women. They have two stores in Tokyo, “Boy Tokyo” in Harajuku and “Boy Attic” in Daikanyama. Both salons value creativity and are known for their friendly stylists — many of whom have spent time also working at one of Boy’s Bangkok salons. Make sure to request an English-speaking stylist when you book.

7. Ai Nomura: An English-speaking expert stylist in Tokyo


Ai Nomura Hairdresser
Ai Nomura at work. | Photo by Chris Kirkland

Last, but certainly not least, is Tokyo-born, ex-London stylist, and friend of Tokyo Cheapo, Ai Nomura. Ai works at Baroque Tokyo, a hair salon in Omotesandō. She offers a high quality and affordable option, plus she’s a fluent English speaker! She offers both women’s and men’s cuts, and a discount off if you use the booking link in the article we wrote about her.

Bonus mention: Cocode Salon Hanare

From ¥13,350
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Nothing like a nice, new ‘do. | Photo by Maria Danuco

Want a totally new hairstyle, but too nervous to commit? Then Cocode Salon Hanare in Asakusa is for you. They have a unique system where you can choose your new hairstyle from a digital catalog and “simulate the final result” before the stylist starts cutting. When booking you can choose from a range of treatments aimed at improving the condition of your hair, including an acid heat treatment that can help repair damaged hair. The salon also specializes in men’s hair styling.

However, while the stylists are very friendly and professional, they don’t speak much English. They’ll do their best to communicate clearly though, and will use Google Translate where necessary to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. We recommend bringing a reference photo along too, to help the process.

Cheap hair salons in Tokyo

If you’re more concerned about price than language barriers, here are some options for cheap hair salons in Tokyo.

1. QB House

Various locations

A typical QB House store. | Photo by Gregory Lane

We figured a mention of QB House was in order since we’re talking about cheap hair salons in Tokyo. This is the barber-shop-like chain that offers an infamous ¥1,350, 10-minute cut, and it’s as “no-frills” as it gets. We’ve got a more devoted article to QB House and its more obscure competitor Unicut 1000 here.

2. FaSS

Various locations

FaSS (‘Fast Salon for Slow Life’) is probably what you can call the equivalent of QB House for women, though no bias, guys. For only ¥2,400, you can get a simple but pretty good cut and styling service. Like QB House, you make an appointment with the in-store ticket machine to get a waiting number, no booking in advance. The salon does come with some hi-tech perks: via your cell phone/smartphone, you can check how busy it is, get a waiting number, and receive an email notification when it’s almost your turn. They’ve got multiple salons around Tokyo, so drop in to whichever one’s closest to you.

Frequently asked questions about hair salons in Tokyo

How much does a hair dresser cost in Japan?

Prices for haircuts vary a lot. You can get very cheap haircuts in Tokyo for less than ¥2,000, but these are very basic services and the stylist may not speak English. At a high quality, English-speaking hair salon prices start at about ¥6,000 and go up depending on things like hair length and what services/treatments you get.

Do you tip at hair salons in Japan?

No, you don’t need to tip at hair salons in Japan.

Where can you get cheap haircuts in Tokyo?

If you’re look for cheap hair cuts in Tokyo, look for budget hair salon chains like QB House and FaSS.

While we do our best to ensure it’s correct, information is subject to change. Post first published in December 2016. Last updated: April 2024.

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