More and more countries are requiring evidence of a negative SARS-CoV-2 test before you board your flight departing Tokyo. While many assume a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test is needed, the exact requirements vary by country and even by state within a country, so you should check the relevant requirements of the test before you get one. Tests are not free, and your government health insurance does not cover the cost of elective testing, so you’ll be stung for the full amount—with prices ranging from ¥10,000 to ¥48,400. Around ¥32,000 seems to be the most common price point.

If you think you might have contracted COVID-19, you should call your local hokenjo (public health center) to arrange an official government test. You should not go to the following centers (with a few exceptions) if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Additionally, please note that these testing centers are for people LEAVING JAPAN. If you are planning to arrive in Japan, please check our Guide to Arriving in Japan article. If you just want a test and aren’t planning on travel then (as of late Dec 21 / Jan 22) there are now some places to get a free COVID-19 test in Tokyo.

Important points to consider

All the prices below include the cost of the test as well as issuance of a certificate in English that you will need for your flight check-in. If you don’t need a certificate, depending on the center, the test might be slightly cheaper.

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We’ve only included in-person testing centers since the certificates are less likely to be rejected than online/do-it-yourself test kits. One provider (even linked to from the the JAL website) overcomes this by doing a video consultation while you’re doing the test, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ve left online tests out.

Before signing up for a test, you should also be very sure that you are getting the right test. For example, some clinics only offer antibody tests (新型コロナウイルス抗体検査) or antigen tests which are not the same as PCR tests. The testing method (saliva/nasal/nasopharyngeal) may be important depending on your destination country. Some clinics specialize in tests for China and Hawaii (two paricularly popular destinations), while others specifically exclude those places—so make sure the test measures up.

Although this might seem rather obvious, don’t leave your test until the last minute—make your booking early. For the cheaper options, there are reports of testing centers being booked out far in advance.

Cancelled flights at Narita Airport
Narita Airport is not as busy as it used to be! | Photo by Gregory Lane

Another consideration is if you are traveling with children. If they require a test and certificate, then you should mention this when you reserve your appointment. If the clinic doesn’t have a pediatrics department, they may refuse to do the test on anyone under 18 years old.

“Fit to fly” COVID test centers in Tokyo

The information below was accurate at the time of publicaton. However, the various clinics may change the details at any time, so make sure you confirm the details with each clinic when you book. Also note that this list is not comprehensive. As of writing, there were approximately 200 clinics just in Tokyo offering tests for SARS-CoV-2. We’ve endeavored to include the ones that have English sites (some below still only have sites in Japanese). We’ve also excluded any clinics with a turn around longer than 2 days.

If you want a much denser list of clinics throughout Japan (without pricing or links), check the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s official list.

Airport testing centers

If you are in an extreme rush or you are leaving urgently, then getting tested at the airport might be your only option. Getting your result may take hours and there may be a wait, so make sure you reserve in advance and turn up very early at the airport so you can get the result before you check-in.

Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)ResultHoursReservation
Toho University Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Clinic¥38,5002 to 4 hours after test7 days/weekOnline or 050-2000-4582
Kinoshita PCR testing center Haneda (terminals 1 & 2)1¥3,000 (see cautionary note below)2 hours after test7 days/week, 9am to 6pmOnline
Narita International Airport PCR Center (English)¥32,50022 hours at earliest24/7Online

1We advise extreme caution with this option. It’s intended as a cheap mass-market testing service and we have had reports of their testing centers in Tokyo refusing service to customers intending to board international flights. Also note that their testing centers are in Terminals 1 and 2—the terminals for domestic flights.
2After hours tests and tests without a reservation are ¥46,500

Bunkyo Ward

Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)ResultHoursReservation
Koishikawa International Clinic (English)N/ANext business day at 1:30 pmMon to Fri03-6371-1702 or email
Nitadori Clinic¥25,300Approximately 2 daysMon to Sat03-3827-1181 or online

Chiyoda Ward

Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)ResultHoursReservation
Clinic For Iidabashi¥44,000Same day from 6 pm (for tests before 11:30 am)Mon to SatOnline
Clinic For Otemachi¥44,000Same day from 6 pm (for tests before 11:30am)Mon to SatOnline
Genki Plaza Clinic¥33,300N/AMon to Fri03-5210-6620
Hibiya Clinic (English)¥36,0002 working days (including test day)Mon to Fri03-3217-1105
Nakata Clinic¥30,0001 to 2 daysMon to Sat (closed Wed AM, Sat PM)03-5511-7770
Shohaku Kai Sanno Medical Clinic (English)¥35,300Approximately 24 hoursMon to Fri03-3580-5001

Chuo Ward

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Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)ResultHoursReservation
Kameda Kyobashi Clinic¥40,700Same day 4:30 pmMon to Fri1Online
Tokyo Center Clinic¥29,700At least 2 daysMon to Sat (closed Mon afternoon)0120-965-925

1Tests are only done at 8:15 am or 8:30 am on weekdays.

Koto Ward

Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)Certificate issuedHoursReservation
Heiwa Memorial Clinic (English)¥33,000Next day (same day at earliest)Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat (morning only)Email

Meguro Ward

Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)Certificate issuedHoursReservation
Meguro No Otorijinja-mae Clinic¥35,300Next business day at earliest (test done during morning of previous day)6 days/week (closed Tuesday)03-3779-7736 or online

Minato Ward

Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)Certificate issuedHoursReservation
Clinic For Tamachi¥44,000Same day from 6 pm (for tests before 11:30am)Mon to SatOnline
International Health Care Clinic (English)N/ANext day 7 pm7 days/week03-3501-1330
Mita Hospital¥30,250Within 2 business days of testMon to ThuEmail
Mita Kokusai Building Clinic¥38,500Same day 5 pm (for tests before 10am)Mon to Fri, Sat morning03-3454-8614 or online
Nishi Shinbashi Clinic¥31,900Next dayMon to Sat (closed Wed and Sat afternoonOnline
Sanno Hospital¥33,0002 days laterMon, Tue, Thu, Fri03-3402-3151
Shinagawa East Clinic (English)¥39,600Next day 4 pmWeekdays03-5783-5521
Taisei Clinic¥30,5001 to 2 days after testMon to Fri03-6426-5933 or online
T Care Clinic (English)¥22,000Next day after 5 pm27 days/week03-6264-3639 or online

1Same day expedited certificate for an extra ¥3,300/person

Nerima Ward

Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)Certificate issuedHoursReservation
Sagawa Clinic¥20,0001N/AMon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat03-6915-7233

1Certificate available but cost not listed. Not clear if test price includes consumption tax.

Ota Ward

Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)Certificate issuedHoursReservation
Omori Station Internal Medicine and Pediatric Clinic¥33,000Next day 3 pm7 days/week03-6423-0428 or LINE

Shibuya Ward

Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)Certificate issuedHoursReservation
Ebisu Clinic¥38,500By 2 pm following dayMon to Sat03-3440-3131 (note: no reservations—walk-ins only)
Hiroo Garden Place Clinic¥42,000Next day (evening)Mon to Sat (closed Thu PM, Fri AM, Sat PM)03-3406-5530
Japan China Friendship Clinic¥41,800Next day from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm
(Friday results from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm on Saturday)
Mon to Fri (closed Fri AM)03-6276-9788
Jun ClinicFrom ¥26,4001 to 2 daysMon to Sat (Closed Sat afternoon)03-5489-0463
Sendagaya International Clinic (English)¥27,000N/ATue, Fri, Sat03-3478-4747

Shinagawa Ward

Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)Certificate issuedHoursReservation
KARADA Internal medicine clinic¥38,500Same dayMon to Sat03-3495-0192 or online
Shinagawa East Clinic (Actually Minato ward)¥39,600Next day 4 pmWeek days03-5783-5521

Shinjuku Ward

Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)Certificate issuedHoursReservation
National Center for Global Health and Medicine¥38,300Next day (afternoon)Mon to Fri03-3202-1012
Navitas Clinic Shinjuku¥30,8002 days later, from 3 pm7 days/week03-5361-8383
Oda Clinic2¥25,000Next business dayMon to Fri03-5273-0770
Shinjuku Naika Clinic¥37,000From 9 am next dayMon to Fri03-6276-6233 or online
Takadanobaba Dermatology & Plastic Surgery (English)¥37,400
(expedited: ¥48,400)
By 9 am two days laterMon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat (morning only)03-3232-1010
Tokyo Medical University Hospital¥33,682Next day by 3 pm at earliestMon to Sat morningEmail (you need to send them a PDF)

1Site states that the test is for travel to China.

Taito Ward

Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)Certificate issuedHoursReservation
Asakusa Clinic¥30,000 12 business days laterMon to Sat (closed Thu PM, Sat PM)Online only

1If you’re an international student in Japan, the fee is ¥20,000

Toshima Ward

Clinic/CenterCost (incl. tax)Certificate issuedHoursReservation
Ikebukuro Central Clinic¥26,40011 to 2 days6 days/week (closed Wednesday)03-5911-7262

1There might be an extra charge for the certificate

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