Podcast: Top Ten Cheapo Neighbourhoods in Tokyo

Photo by Victor Lee, used under a Creative Commons License
A controversial topic amongst cheapos, where is the best place to live in Tokyo? Following on from our two posts on the topic, Chris and Greg dig into the details of the top ten cheapo neighbourhoods in Tokyo, along with some anecdotal references to public nudity…
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Mentioned In This Episode

Sento – The Japanese Public Bath by Elizabeth Ishiyama.

And thanks for cheapo contributions from:
Felix Wenzel – be sure to buy in bulk from Hanamasa
crazyfruitbat – don’t live in Shinkoiwa (unless you love pachinko)
Susan Elizabeth-Marsh Tanabe – check out the Omotesando La Boheme
cocreatr.typepad.com – reduce your electricity bill, use LED lights and replace that old fridge.

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So you want to get the most out of Tokyo on a budget? Well you are in safe hands. Being of British roots Chris has a natural instinct for being a complete cheap arse and spending as little money as possible. Add to this, his favourite chat up line is "Can you buy me a drink" (which has actually worked on a number of occassions) and if that wasn't enough already, he run's another blog called hoboceo.com - a true cheapo!

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  • Joshua Lundquist

    Thanks for this, i have a friend moving up here soon and he’ll be excited to know he doesn’t have to take out a loan or sell his body to put money down on an apartment.

    I lived in a UR place in Ikebukuro, it was great, no problems at all. We got our deposit back, too!