Chris Kirkland

Chris Kirkland

So you want to get the most out of Tokyo on a budget? Well you are in safe hands.

Being of British roots Chris has a natural instinct for being a complete cheap arse and spending as little money as possible. Add to this, his favourite chat up line is "Can you buy me a drink" (which has actually worked on a number of occassions) and if that wasn't enough already, he run's another blog called - a true cheapo!

Chris's Favourites

Restaurants/bars/cafes: Tomoe Sushi, Borne, Udagawa Cafe Suite

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  • April 27th

    Supermarket Bento Half Price

    Every cheapo appreciates a good discount, and Tokyo Cheapo's love 50% discount supermarket Bento discounts. Most supermarkets in Tokyo have a 'deli' section offering a variety of take out temptations. Ranging from 'Hamburg' to sushi, tempura […]

  • April 24th

    The Sayonara Sale

      Generally the Japanese only like to buy stuff new. Add to this the fact you have to pay to have large rubbish disposed of, you'd have thought Japan would be a great place to pick up second hand bargains. Unfortunately despite my most […]

  • April 17th

    Cheapo Basics – Do Everything Off Peak

    Japan is a country obsessed with doing everything in unison and in the same way. Whilst all cultures have their own norms and traditions, in Japan it seems one of these norms is in itself conforming to the standard way of doing things. So one […]

  • April 13th

    Where to Get Decent Fruit Juice

    At the time of writing, most fruit juice for sale in Tokyo supermarkets is both expensive and pretty awful. I'd say on a scale of 0 - 10, with 0 being sour milk and 10 being orange juice that's been squeezed into your glass directly from a […]