So with great fanfare and cheer we are proud to present to you today our list of the Top Cheap Supermarkets in Tokyo. The list is compiled from an exhaustive and rigorous list of criteria which were debated for hours (well a few minutes of deliberation at least).

So for those new to the city or even veteran cheapo’s we hope this humble page will serve to save countless millions of yen!

1. OK Supermarket

With many locations throughout Tokyo, reliably cheap on most products plus the bonus of regular discounts and 50% off stickers, OK Supermarket is well deserved of being first on the shopping list of the Cheapo supermarket shopper in Tokyo.

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2. Ozeki Supermarket

A veritable cheapo delight with a huge range of cheap groceries and bento. Ozeki is a mid sized supermarket chain mainly found in the South and West side of Tokyo.

3. Y’s Mart

Y’s Mart is a cheapo paradise—has no frills and exceedingly good deals on your daily shop. Greater concentration on the East side of Tokyo.

4. Hanamasa

Photo by Eleanor Lane

Hanamasa is seriously cheap if buying in bulk, it’s primarily geared towards the catering industry. If you can carry a lot home with you, you’ll be sure to save a bundle (is that a pun?) – watch out for small quantity items though, they may not be such good value.

5. Costco

US Cheapo’s will no doubt be familiar with the wholesale membership only Costco and also delighted that there’s a number of costco stores surrounding Tokyo. Costco is not only super cheap, but also stocks a good line of American/foreign products. For a list of Tokyo area stores see here.

6. Donki

Donki or Don Quixote, whilst not a supermarket per se is a great place to pick up some cheap groceries and house hold items. Moreover Donki is ubiquitous across Tokyo and Japan so it’s very likely you’ll find one near by. Not very good for fresh produce, but plenty of dried and frozen bargains to make it up to you, plus it has a whole host of other cheap items to keep you entertained (clothes, electronics, adult toys)

7. Yamaya

Photo by Chris Kirkland

Cheapo Neko knows where she’s getting her champagne

Yamaya is more a booze shop crossed with a European delicatessen, so it doesn’t exactly qualify as a supermarket. However not wanting to deprive our cheapo readers of cheap booze, muesli and cheese we felt compelled to include it in the list. Yamama is the cheapest source in Tokyo for a lot of imported foreign items, fruit juice, cheese, wine, champagne, olives and a host of other delights.


8. Gyomu Super

Our infamous cheapo Greg pointed out I missed this one. Gyomu Super is – as Greg puts it – the cheapest one! Here’s a map of all the stores in Tokyo.

So, if you think we’ve missed anything off the list then we welcome your angry comments below!

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