Chris Kirkland

Chris Kirkland

So you want to get the most out of Tokyo on a budget? Well you are in safe hands.

Being of British roots Chris has a natural instinct for being a complete cheap arse and spending as little money as possible. Add to this, his favourite chat up line is "Can you buy me a drink" (which has actually worked on a number of occassions) and if that wasn't enough already, he run's another blog called - a true cheapo!

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Restaurants/bars/cafes: Tomoe Sushi, Borne, Udagawa Cafe Suite

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  • March 1st

    Hiking Near Tokyo – Koburi Pass

    Many people who want to go hiking near Tokyo usually end up at one of a handful of rather popular (busy) hiking spots, however being Japan (which is something like 80% mountains) the Tokyo area is still absolutely stuffed with hiking options and […]

  • January 23rd
    super potato akihabra

    Akihabara with Aaron

    Download Podcast In this podcast episode your intrepid Cheapos venture into the deepest darkest depths of Akihabara. With their guide Aaron Baggett, Cheapo extraordinaire and author of our book "A Cheapo's Guide To Akihabara", hear them dodge […]

  • November 17th

    Interview with Akiko Kitamura: Super Japanese Teacher

    Akiko is an old Twitter friend of ours. We love her daily Japanese vocabulary tweets - she drops in a few words usually relating to current events, seasons and even scandals! We strongly recommend following her to give your Japanese a boost. But […]

  • October 30th

    Nihonbashi Best Of Japan Tour

    Download Podcast Your favourite cheapos are back with a special on location recording of the "Best Of Japan Tour" in Coredo Muromachi. The tour is organised by the Nihonbashi Tourist Information Center who provide a few different tours and […]

  • September 29th

    Meet Clark Parker: The Cheapo Behind The Tokyo Files

    Clark Parker describes himself as a writer who, in his spare time, is a full-time salaryman. Although he has an office job, he prefers to spend as much time as possible outside of the office, hiking in the hills or meandering along the back […]

  • May 30th

    "I'm a Tokyo Cheapo" T-shirt

    Having now been on NHK and thoroughly proven to the world that Tokyo Cheapo is legit and not just a bunch of, err... cheapos (?), the time has come for some merchandising! We're a serious enterprise! Get your very own first edition "I'm a Tokyo […]

  • April 29th

    Japan Cheapo

    Japan Cheapo has launched! You can find it here It's no secret that Tokyo Cheapo has been growing explosively, every month helping many thousands more of the hoarding Cheapos descending on Japan's capital city. But lesser known is the fact that […]

  • April 18th

    Beer, Parks and Picnics

    Download Podcast This week the cheapos tackle good parks for picnics (and grass) in Tokyo, and some craft beers you can take with you. Parks Shinjuku Gyoen - 200yen for adults, 50yen for children Yoyogi park (secret park as well) Tachikawa Showa […]

  • April 1st

    Where are the Pokémon in Google Maps Tokyo?

    Google's April fool contribution this year is the Pokemon Challenge to find their new Pokémon Master! And it starts our favorite city Tokyo. Has anyone found them yet? Comment below with any more locations you may have discovered. How to find […]

  • January 12th

    Boroichi Flea Market

    Download Podcast Boroichi Flea Market On location this week from the Boroichi Flea Market in Tokyo. Hear your favorite cheapos scramble around Tokyo's oldest flea market (dating back hundreds of years!), checking out the broad spectrum of wares […]

  • December 21st

    Magokoro Sundobu – Cheapo Korean

    I was going to simply say, Korean Sundobu (silken tofu hotpot) served sizzling in a cast iron pot for 500yen with additional student discount and leave it at that. However there's a few factoids about Magokoro Sundobu that merit at least a […]

  • November 29th

    Takeshita Dori, Harajuku – Podcast #18

    Download Podcast This week your favourite cheapos take a stroll down Takeshita Dori Harajuku. Squeezing through the school girls, socks, crepes and rabbit bags, Chris, Greg and his daughter give you a running commentary on what the cheapo can […]

  • November 22nd

    Cheapo Wagyu Hamburg – Nikushokudo Tobi

    With all it's pomp and fanfare Japanese Beef or Wagyu has a reputation for being expensive and high quality fodder. Non-Japanese will no doubt have heard of Kobe beef, which is one of the "Beef Brands" in Japan, though I gather Matsusaka beef is […]

  • November 15th

    Cheapo Japanese Cuisine Part 2 – Podcast #17

    Download Podcast Back again this week, Chris is joined by TJ Eckleberg and Ayumi, two very special kansai cheapos to finish the discussion of the various types of Japanese Cuisine and of course where the cheapo can find them. "Hanburg" Beef […]

  • November 1st

    Cheapo Japanese Cuisine Part 1 – Podcast #16

    Download Podcast This week Chris is joined by TJ Eckleberg and Ayumi, two very special kansai cheapos to discuss the various types of Japanese Cuisine and of course where to get the best value! Yakiniku Not such a cheapo option alas, korean BBQ […]

  • September 28th

    Cheap Tokyo Day Trips – Podcast #15

    Download Podcast Tokyo Day Trips This week Chris and Greg into cheapo Tokyo day trips. From romantic getaways to family outings, we look at hiking, hot springs, temples, beach and childrens' play parks we cover a wide variety of cheapo day out […]

  • August 5th

    Being a cheapo gourmet at home

    Download Podcast How can a cheapo in tokyo save money cooking at home? Chris and Greg give you the lowdown this week on why it's cheaper shopping Japanese style and where to get the best bargins on your fresh fruit, veg and A4 Wagyu beef, plus […]

  • July 11th

    Tokyo Beaches, Beer Gardens and Smoothies

    Download Podcast Your favourite cheapos Chris and Greg return with tales from Tokyo beaches and beer gardens for your summer time enjoyment. With the arrival of summer weather, we give you the low down on the beaches in the Tokyo area plus how […]

  • June 13th

    Podcast: Websites and Apps for Cheapos

    Download Podcast This week we dig into cheapo apps and technology. Websites and apps giving discounts, directions, price comparison, language learning and art. Communication Line Skype Getting around Jorudan - tokyo metro navigation - […]