Atami is a seaside onsen town built on the hills facing Sagami Bay. It’s located at the very edge of the Tokyo urban area and just inside Shizuoka Prefecture.

Atami day trip from Tokyo
Photo by Chris Kirkland

Unlike many other seaside towns in Japan, Atami has far less of an abandoned-ghost-town atmosphere and is still fairly busy. That being said, it certainly has many remnants of the 80s bubble years intact: gaudy and slightly rusted hotels, a fair few empty buildings and a good measure of Brutalist architectural delights.

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Photo by Chris Kirkland

Being both a hot spring and seaside town, Atami has wider seasonal appeal. In the colder months, vistors can soak in an onsen. In the warmer months, swim in the sea. Many of the attractions can be appreciated all year round—the Adult Museum is worth a look come rain or shine.

view of Atami
Photo by Chris Kirkland

Many of the hotels and ryokan (Japanese inns) will have their own onsen bath. However, one important note before booking your Atami accommodation: Much of the town is perched on a steep hill, so scrutinize the terrain on the map—some accommodation will be out of walking range for all but endorphin-addicted mountaineers! On the north side of Atami Station, the gradient sharply increases.

seaside hotel, Shizuoka
Classic Atami bubble-style hotel | Photo by Chris Kirkland

There are also ferries to nearby Hatsushima Island, and a high-speed boat to the more distant Oshima Island.

Things to do in Atami

Atami Adult Museum

Photo by Chris Kirkland

A quirky sex museum with a kitschy interior, tacky comedy porn vignettes and interactive exhibits requiring you to twists handles, press boob buttons and even ride on a tandem. You can reach the museum by the Atami Ropeway. The discount ticket includes both admission and ropeway access.

Atami Plum Garden

Make your way to the garden in early February if you want to catch the pink and white plum blossoms here. It is just as lovely to visit in the warmer months, though, or even autumn when the tree leaves change colors.

MOA Museum of Art

The MOA Museum of Art houses serveral collections, including Japanese and Chinese ceramics, sculpture, calligraphy, textiles, lacquerware, paintings and metalwork.

Ito River Path for early cherry blossoms

Atami day trip - cherry blossoms
Photo by Chris Kirkland

Winter really is a great time to visit for nature lovers. The cherry trees that line the path along Ito River typically bloom in early February (Tokyo’s cherry trees usually bloom in late March/early April).

Getting to Atami

beach town in Japan
Photo by Chris Kirkland

The Kodama Shinkansen stops in Atami, and is brief 45-minute ride from Tokyo Station. For those without a Japan Rail Pass, the journey from central Tokyo is more like 1.5 hours, but costs less than ¥1,400 each way.

What to eat

sushi restaurant in Atami
Photo by Kaori Kato

Being a seaside town, there’s an abundance of fresh seafood restaurants. When we visited, we stopped at Isomaru Atami Nakamise, which had affordable sushi lunch sets.

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