We get it, sometimes it can be hard to work in the same four walls every day. So here’s a look at some of the best coworking spaces in Tokyo for regular use, giving you somewhere to go to stay focused. We’ll compare the resources, prices, and accessibility each offers, so you can find one that’s perfect for your needs.

Looking for a flexible, easy to navigate coworking membership with payment by credit card? Regus has one of the best value coworking plans available.


Shinagawa, Akasaka, Shinjuku, Otemachi, and Roppongi
Coworking: 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Weekdays; Office: 24/7 365 days
Coworking from ¥18,900/month; Offices ¥59,500/person
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Spaces Co-working entrance
Spaces are well located, and great for hosting. | Photo by Gregory Lane

A newer brand from IWG (the people behind Regus) Spaces offers convenient, comfortable, and stylish work spaces for those looking for a regular coworking location. Branches are located in Shinagawa, Akasaka, Shinjuku, Otemachi, and Roppongi — easy access no matter where you are in Tokyo. Plans are slightly pricier than other options on our list, with cheaper memberships starting at ¥18,700 for five days a month. However, if you’re looking for a professional workspace to host meetings and impress clients, Spaces is definitely worth the price tag.

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Resources: Printing, scanning, projectors, meeting rooms, food and drink bar, regular events, concierge service, high-quality wifi.


66 locations around Tokyo
9 a.m.–6 p.m. for Business Lounge Plans, 24/7 for coworking
From ¥14,900/month for business lounge members; From ¥18,900/month for coworking plans
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Regus have stepped up their design game | Photo by Regus

While coworking spaces come and go and empires crumble, Regus has been offering coworking packages and small serviced offices from long before it was cool. While they’ve had a reputation for being functional but a bit dull, recently they have stepped up their design game, creating some genuinely interesting work spaces. What’s more, Regus has all Tokyo’s major neighborhoods covered. With a “business lounge plan” for ¥14,900 per person per month you can move from place to place exploring the city as you go. Coworking plans (where you get a desk instead of a pod) start from ¥18,900/month.

Resources: Printers, scanners, meeting rooms, free drinks, mail handling, phone answering, official address registration, virtual office

Blink Smart Workspace - Coworking
Blink Smart Wokspace | Photo by Gregory Lane

This Roppongi co-working space has sophisticated, modern décor in its communal café area. Come and just grab a seat to work, or if needed you can hotdesk or grab your own private office, Café seats start at ¥20,000 a month with limited access, but you can add more time or features to meet your exact needs,

Resources: Printers, scanners, lounge, lockers, events, mail handling, kitchen

Opening Times9am-6pm on Café and Hot-desking Plans, 24/7 on other plans
PriceStarting at ¥20,000 monthly for Café seating
¥40,000 monthly for Hot-desking. Private facilities available for higher fees
English SupportYes, English website and concierge
RegistrationContact Blink online or by phone
Address3-1-6 Motoazabu, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 106-0046
Nearest StationRoppongi Station

Coworking Space Kayabacho, Co-Edo

coedo coworking space
A budget, but busy co-working space in Kayabacho | Photo by Coworking Space Kayabacho, Co-Edo

A friendly and open co-working space on the east side of Tokyo, this busy lounge comes with all the amenities you need to work effectively. On top of that, they offer free drinks, group work and study areas, and a friendly communal atmosphere. With monthly plans starting from ¥5,500 depending on your needs, Coworking Space Kayabacho is great for those on a budget.

Resources: Printer, scanner, vending machines, free drinks, events

Opening TimesOpen 24/7, access times determined by plan
PriceStarting at ¥5,500 for Lite plans
¥9,900 for standard
English SupportYes, English website
RegistrationRegistration in person
AddressPA building 5F, 1-3-4 Shinkawa, Chuo, Tokyo, 104-0033
Nearest StationKayabacho Station

Basis Point Shimbashi

Basis point offers a modern aesthetic with open spaces to work in. | Photo by Basis Point

With branches in Gotanda, Ikebukuro and Jimbocho as well as Shimbashi, (Link in Japanese) this modern co-working space is a convenient central Tokyo workspace. With a large lounge area for individual work, and smaller sections for meetings and group work, the space is adaptable to a variety of needs. Monthly plans start from ¥11,880 a month for weekend use,

Resources; Printing, scanning, Fax machines, phone chargers, drinks, events, rentable business equipment

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Opening TimesWeekdays 8am to 10pm, Weekends 10am to 10m
Price¥11,880 for Unlimited weekend use
¥17,380 for Unlimited weekday use
¥21,780 for Unlimited anytime use
English SupportNo
RegistrationInquire online or in person
Address2F Kaiseki Building, 2-19-3, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004
Nearest StationShimbashi Station

Gotanda Coworking Space Pao Pao

Pao’s decor combines coworking with café… | Photo by Gotanda Coworking Space Pao

A cozy, bright co-working space with divided desks for individual work, and larger tables for groups and meetings. Pao Pao (Link in Japanese) is only a few minutes’ walk away from Gotanda station, making it perfect for commuters through Shinagawa. Monthly plans start at ¥5,500 (Link in Japanese) for weekend and holiday members, with the variety of plans letting you pick out exactly the times you need.

Resources: Printing, scanning, projectors, monitors, meeting rooms, free drinks

Opening TimesWeekdays 9am to 10pm, Weekends and Holidays 10am to 6pm
PriceStarting at ¥5,500 for weekends and holidays, up to ¥16,500 for unlimited use
English SupportNo
RegistrationInquire online and register in person
AddressTokyo KN Building 5F, 2-8-5 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, 141-0022
Nearest StationGotanda Station

This article was originally published on April 22, 2015 and was fully updated by Shyam Bhardwa in December 2022. While we do our utmost to ensure that the prices, times and other information above is correct, things do change—so let us know on our community forum if something is wrong.

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