Cheapo Weekend for July 30-31: Tokyo’s Brightest Night of the Year

Adriana Paradiso

If you’re looking for the classic Japanese summer experience, look no further than this weekend, which sees the famed Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival.

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Kagurazaka Matsuri (July 27-30): Get yourself to Kagurazaka for the biggest summer festival of the year. There will be a market, traditional Awaodori dances and festival street food. More details.

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Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival (July 30): Don’t miss your chance to see 20,000 fireworks light up the sky over the Sumida River this Saturday. This is Tokyo’s biggest fireworks festival with close to a million spectators and a run of 90 minutes. More details.

Showa Kinen Park Fireworks Festival (July 30): For a different setting and a medium-sized crowd (by Tokyo standards), head to Showa Kinen Park for a display of 5,000 illuminations. The park is the perfect venue for packing a picnic and going with a group. More details.

Hachioji Fireworks Festival (July 30): You won’t have to deal with mega crowds at this festival. A modest 100,000 will gather at this west Tokyo park for a show of 3,500 fireworks.  More details.

(Make it a real-deal Japanese summer experience and wear a yukata—light summertime kimono—like just about every other firework-festival-goer. Check out our post on Tokyo kimono rentals.)

Shinjuku Eisa Festival (July 30): Eisa is a traditional dance originating in the Okinawan islands. The festival, which takes place on the streets of Shinjuku, will showcase traditional costumes, dancing and drumming that are quite different to what you’re likely to see in other festivals in Japan. More details.

Taiwan Festa (July 30-31): The first ever Taiwan Festa will make its big debut in Yoyogi Park this weekend. The festival will feature the country’s “tourism, industry, entertainment, culture, and gastronomy”. The highlight will be the Taiwanese night market. More details.

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