Our top free event picks for an awesome weekend in Tokyo:

earth garden festival yoyogi park
Earth Garden Festival at Yoyogi | Photo by shuzo serikawa used under CC

*Update* We originally listed Free Admission Day at the Museum of Western Art, however we recently found out it’s under renovation and the museum will be closed until February 29th. Apologies for the error.

Suggested Activity
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Ekoda Night Bazaar (Jan 23): Also taking place on Saturday, the bazaar is a great way to spend your evening as it offers a medley of activities and fun; take your pick from shopping market-style for local wares and vegetables, savoring Japanese street food and regional specialties, and winning prizes via an ink-stamp collecting rally.

Earth Garden Winter Festival (Jan 23-24): This is a two-day outdoor market at Yoyogi Park where the food, workshops, and products being offered all promote ecological living—so you can feel good about going and also what you bring home. The park’s event square will also have a stream of musical performances spanning both days.

Usokae Bullfinch Exchange (Jan 24-25): You can still keep that invigorating New Year feeling alive by heading to Kameido Tenjin Shrine for the usokae ritual. This is where folks exchange their year-old wooden bullfinch (a type of bird that is said to bring luck) figurines for new ones, and in doing so they renew their good fortune for another year.

Happy Weekend!

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