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Robot Restaurant cheap tickets
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Everyone knows about the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku. It’s where you go to watch giant mechanized spiders fight robo-sharks in mid-air, while your senses are traumatized and your adrenaline is triggered. While you’ll no doubt be seeing plenty of the traditional side of Japan on your travels, this is the other side of the coin: the “weird japan” featuring girls, robots and all-round crazy vibes. Designed to satisfy tourist desire for the neon, modern and odd, you have to take the place for what it is—and leave any expectations at home. Here’s how to get cheap tickets for the Robot Restaurant experience.

If you are keen to see (and be blinded by) the bright lights and robots, there are ways to save money on tickets for what should be a one-off experience (if only for your brain’s sake). Remember though, it won’t ever actually be “cheap”. The place reportedly cost 10 billion yen to fit out and is full for each of the night’s four shows, so there’s no need for them to offer crazy deals to match their crazy shows.

To experience one of the craziest and most colorful places in Tokyo, visit the infamous, sensory-slamming Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku's Kabukicho district. Sit back for click here for details
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Spoiler: It’s not actually a restaurant

Also, while the robot part is true, the restaurant part is not. Tickets no longer include a sub-standard bento (it can be added for ¥1,000, but we don’t recommend you bother) although they do have some cinema-priced snacks if you get peckish. Our advice is to eat at a nearby actual restaurant before or after the show. You could perhaps see what’s being served up in nearby Golden Gai.

Robot Restaurant ticket basics

Tickets at face value are ¥8,000 per person, but if you book via the “restaurant’s” own website they are reduced to ¥7,500. Online bookings can be made until 5pm, and after that you can call. Aside from not getting the best discounts, the place has a strict no-refund policy for cancellations. We say meh. You can do much better with a little searching.

Cheap tickets to the Robot Restaurant

robot show
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Discounts of 15-28% can be found using booking companies like Voyagin, so you shouldn’t ever need to pay the rather steep prices mentioned above. Voyagin is the main host for the Robot Restaurant, and their relationship means they can offer a few extra benefits to make them stand out from the crowd.

For example, Voyagin usually has better availability for times and shows, and when you book with them, you are basically booking direct, so you should receive your email confirmation fast. Possibly the best bonus to their service is that for ¥1,000 to ¥2,000, you can upgrade your booking to get front-row seats or other butt-rests that are close to all the action.

Klook also have competitively-priced tickets, so it’s a good idea to look at both sites to see which is offering the better deal when you’re looking to book.

Kawaii monster cafe sweets-go-round
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Alternatives to the Robot Restaurant

For a slightly less intense, more family-friendly version with lower costs but just as much color and craziness, consider checking out the Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku, pictured above.

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Name: Robot Restaurant
Pricing info: From 5,250-8,000 yen
Address: B2F Shinjuku Robot Bldg, 1-7-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
Location(s): Shinjuku,
Phone: 03-3200-5500 03-3200-5500
Business hours: Shows: 4pm-11pm (Phone 9am - 10pm)
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