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Robot Restaurant cheap tickets
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Everyone knows the Robot Restaurant. Watch giant mechanized spiders fight robo-sharks in mid-air, while your senses are traumatized and your adrenaline is triggered. While you’ll no doubt be seeing plenty of the traditional side of Japan on your trip, there is the other side of the coin: the “weird japan” which often features girls, robots and in this case, it’s own type of crazy. Designed specifically to fill this tourist desire for neon, modern and weird Japan—this is not the place for snobs. Take it for what it is, and enjoy it.

So, if you are keen to see (and be blinded by) the bright lights of robots, here are some ways to get tickets on the cheap for what should be a one-off experience (if only for your brain’s sake). Remember though, it won’t ever actually be “cheap”. The place cost 10 billion yen to fit out and is full for each of the night’s four shows, so there’s no need for them to offer crazy deals to match their crazy shows. Also, while the robot part is true, the restaurant part is not. Tickets no longer include the sub-standard bento (it can be added for 1,000 yen, but we don’t recommend you bother) although they do have some cinema-priced snacks if you get peckish.

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Robot Restaurant basics

Tickets at face value are 8,000 yen per person, but if you book from the their own website they are reduced to 7,500 yen. Online bookings can be made up until 5pm and after that you can call. Aside from not getting the best discounts, the Restaurant has a strict no-refund policy for cancellations, so you can do better with a little searching.

Best for planning ahead

robot show
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Discounts of up to 25% can be found using booking companies such as Japanican, Viator and Govoyajin, especially in sales and promotions. The standard amount is usually 15% on sites like Viator – so there’s no need to pay more than that, and ideally less!

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Best price deal:

Klook have tickets for 6,000 yen and even include a free drink (up to 500 yen) for a limited time.

The next best found at the time of writing was with Veltra who have tickets for 6,050 yen in their current sale—but prices vary depending on their offers.

Best for flexibility and peace of mind:

Voyagin are the main host for the Robot Restaurant and offer a stable 15% discount. Their relationship means there are a few benefits which make them stand out from the crowd though. For example, they have more availability for times and shows and when you book with them, you are basically booking direct with the show, so you will receive your email confirmation fast. Possibly the best bonus to their service is that for 1,000 yen you can change your booking time or day—so if plans are unstable, this could come in handy.

Best on-the-door discount

Robot Restaurant
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Japan Today offer an online discount voucher, which knocks 2,000 yen off the price! You don’t even need to print, a phone screen will do. Make sure each person has one though, as they are usually only valid for one ticket.

Other newspapers and magazines such as Metropolis often have discount vouchers in their print copies which can be found around Tokyo stations, so keen an eye out and have a scan.

So, if you plan it right, this one-off event can be a great night out! For a slightly less intense version with fewer costs, you could check out the Monster Cafe in Harajuku!

Name: Robot Restaurtant
Pricing info: From 6,000-8,000 yen
Address: B2F Shinjuku Robot Bldg, 1-7-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
Location(s): Shinjuku,
Phone: 0332005500 0332005500
Business hours: Shows: 4pm-11pm (Phone 9am - 10pm)
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