So you want to know about farmers markets in Tokyo? Come hither, cheapskate hipster, you’re in the right place.

The city is no stranger to the current trend of fresh fruit, veggies and other farm produce being punted directly to the consumer; Tokyo has a wide range of options that are often cheaper than supermarkets. You can meet the makers of your food from Kanto, Tohoku and sometimes even further afield. Here are a few of the top Tokyo farmers markets worth checking out.

Farmer’s Market at UNU | Weekends

Unu Farmers Market
The UNU Farmers’ Market is always a good place to find fresh produce. | Photo by Lily Crossley-Baxter

This market, formerly held at the United Nations University campus in Aoyama, and now held at the Oval Building next door, is probably the most popular, well-known farmers market in Tokyo. You can expect around 40 vendors selling veggies plucked right out of the soil, mushrooms, handmade natto and much more.

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When: Saturdays and Sundays between 10am – 4pm
Where: Oval Building, Aoyama

Earth Day Market | Monthly

Yoyogi Park hosts this farmers market once a month or so, depending on the weather. If it rains, it’s a no-go. There are usually more than 50 vendors flogging farm produce, tasty handmade goodies and crafts. Combine your visit with a stroll around the park and you’re looking at a good day out.

Where: Yoyogi Park
When: Roughly once a month

Market of the Sun | Second Weekends

A farmers market with 100 or so stalls, selling everything from tomatoes to honey and edible gardens in little bags. Check Market of the Sun out between 10am and 5pm (April-September) and 10am to 4pm (October-March) on the second Saturday and Sunday of the month at Tsukishima Second Children’s Park, which is a short walk from Exit A4a or b of Kachidoki Station.

Where: Tsukishima Second Children’s Park
When: Second Weekend of each month

Ebisu Marche | Sundays

An awesome little farmers market that happens every Sunday. Get there between 10am and 5pm for your fix of seasonal veg, tea and other treats. Yebisu Marche is held at Ebisu Garden Place.
Fun fact: this market is part of Marche Japon, a government project to bridge the gap between food producers and consumers.

Where: Ebisu Garden Place
When: Sundays

Koenji Market | 3rd Saturdays

A very local-feeling market with around 20 stalls, this market has a surprisingly detailed list of vendors and their produce available online. A few market’s off their 100th event, it’s a steady and reliable market well worth a visit.

Where: Outside the Za-Koenji Public Theatre
When: Third Saturday of the month

Yokohama Kitanaka Market | 3rd Weekends

Affiliated with the Market of the Sun, this event takes place between 10am and 4pm and is one of the best spots for fresh produce in Yokohama. Combining city-stalls and those from the surrounding prefectures it has a great variety as well as plenty of food trucks to snack at.

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Where: Outside Bashamichi Station, along the river (Exit 2)
When: Third Weekend of the month

Yurakucho Market | Weekends

Starting at the leisurely time of 11am this market can be found under the cover of the Kotsukaikan with over 50 stalls. Vendors from acrosss Japan are plentiful meaning you can try specialities from prefectures a little too far for a day trip.

Where: By the Tokyo Kotsukaikan
When: Every weekend from 11am – 5pm

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