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In a recent article, we investigated convenience stores with alfresco cafe seating as a way to comfortably enjoy food and drink under the stars on the cheap.  Now it’s time to put that to the test.  In the evening of Thursday, July 26th, in conjunction with Tokyo Garden Party (a long running summer event of which I’m an organiser) we’re inviting you to get together for some ‘high class’ food and drinks.

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The venue will be the terrace with chairs and tables directly behind Tokyo Midtown on the border of Roppongi and Akasaka.

While you could just go super cheap and bring a 4 litre flagon of shochu, we’d recommend comparing this to the alternative (spending 4,000 at a beer garden) and getting something much, much better.  For example, you could grab some sushi from Precce (1,000yen), a bottle of white wine (1,000yen) and some cut fruit for dessert (400yen).  There is a wide range of beer available both at the nearby 7-eleven and at Precce.  If you want to put in a bit of planning, there is also Yamaya for some good booze and snack deals.

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There is no RSVP system for this event, nor will there be any formal organisation or announcements.  Just turn up and enjoy a glass of champagne or a beer.  Come whenever you like and stay as little or long as you like.


Event:Tokyo(Cheapo) Garden Party
Location:On the terrace behind Tokyo Midtown (we can move around the corner to the deck area if it gets too crowded)
Date and time:Thursday, 26th of July, 2012 from 6pm.
Closest Station:Roppongi Station (Oedo Line), Nogizaka Station (Chiyoda Line)
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