Top Five Yoyogi Park Summer Festivals

Lily Crossley-Baxter

Yoyogi Square in the expansive Yoyogi Park is a sure-fire place to find cultural festivals, amazing performances and new experiences—and this summer has plenty to choose from.

yoyogi park summer events
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If you ever find yourself wondering what to do on a weekend in Tokyo, the events square of Yoyogi Park will no doubt have something unusual to try. A regular host of international festivals, it’s a great place to learn about new cultures, try some traditional food, attend creative workshops, and more. While summer is great for traditional Japanese festivals, it also means a busy schedule summer events schedule at Yoyogi Park.

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1. Ocean Peoples

If you’re stuck in the city and hankering some salty sea air, this festival will have all your beach cravings met. Taking the sea spirit to the park, the festivals brings the blue to you with ocean stalls, food and displays. From sunglasses to surfboards, seafood to shaved ice and stunning live singers to keep you entertained, it’s a nice break from city life.

 Ocean Peoples Tokyo

Dates:Mid Jul, 2020

2. Brazilian Day Japan

Forming the third-largest immigrant population in Japan, the Brazilian residents of Tokyo and beyond lead this bright, colorful and delicious festival. With food, performances and costumes, it’s an energetic and exciting event with plenty to catch your eye and keep you entertained. Over 100,000 people attend each year—so expect crowds and enjoy the busy atmosphere.

 Brazilian Day Japan 2020

brazilian day tokyo
Late Jul, 2020

3. Taiwan Festa

This is the second of Tokyo’s two big Taiwanese festivals. This year it brings Tapioca Street to Tokyo—i.e. all the bubble tea you’ll ever need. Of course there’s more to Taiwan than those weirdly popular drinks, so you’ll also find street food, live performances and cultural displays to enjoy across the weekend. Only a short flight from Tokyo, Taiwain is fast becoming a popular holiday destination, so pop along and be inspired to book some budget flights over for a weekend!

 Taiwan Festa 2020

Dates:Late Jul, 2020

4. Sri Lanka Festival

Named the top destination for 2019 tourists, Sri Lanka doesn’t exactly have to work too hard to draw people in—but if you need a final nudge to visit the beautiful country, then this festival will provide it. Offering up hoppers, cutlets, curry, roti and more, the food section should be more than enough to keep you occupied. While you graze, there will be a stage with live performances and stalls selling traditional and modern souvenirs as well as booths providing information on tours and trips to the country.

 Sri Lanka Festival 2020

Dates:Early Aug, 2020

5. African American Caribbean Festival

One of Tokyo’s annual African-Caribbean events, this one fills Keyaki Street with music, food and great performances. Offering plenty of opportunities to get involved, the festival’s goal is to teach visitors about African-American Caribbean culture. There will be a busy market with street food, souvenirs and information booths as well as dance and music performances, a fashion show and hairstyling to complete the package.

 Afro American Caribbean Festa 2020

afro-american-caribbean festival
Dates:Early Sep, 2020

6. Bonus event: The Harajuku/Omotesando Super Yosakoi

A huge dance performance running across two days, this is a fantastic summer event with countless eyecatching performances. Over 6,000 participants will parade through the streets performing traditional and contemporary dances, competeing for the top spot. While the main displays take place in front of NHK as well as in the park and in the Yoyogi Event Square.

 Harajuku Omotesando Super Yosakoi 2020

Dates:Late Aug, 2020
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