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Greg Lane
It takes a bit to stand out in Roppongi but painting your store bright orange will do it. | Photo by Gregory Lane

Ever received a gift card which you can’t seem to use unless you go to a flash department store in Ginza? At Daikokuya you can turn these into cash for more useful items – like beer. Daikokuya is a particularly large chain of what are known as ‘kinken’ (金券) shops. They basically buy and sell anything that is of high value and portable – so if you were planning to sell your sofa you’d be out of luck. Pretty much anything else that’s legal can be sold – gift vouchers, train tickets, gold, platinum, brand name wallets, iPads, foreign currency, prepaid telephone cards and even stamps.  On the other side, all these things can be purchased at cheap or discounted prices.

As we explained briefly in our article about cheap ticket machines, a lot of the tickets and discounts come from Japanese company stock holders who are often sent vouchers and discount coupons in lieu of actual dividends.

Exactly what items the store trades in varies from branch to branch – for example, some will trade mobile phones or household electronics while others may not. Also, from a brief perusal of the cash rates for foreign exchange, the rates at Daikokuya are quite competitive – marginally better for major currencies than the nearby Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank. Also be aware that it’s not exactly designed with a non-Japanese market in mind, so all their information is in Japanese – so if you can’t read Japanese and you’d like specific information, you’ll need to ask directly.

The percentages show the proportion of the original value that they will pay. | Photo by Gregory Lane


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Location:Everywhere – easier to list the locations where they’re not!
Web:http://www.e-daikoku.com/ (Site in Japanese)
Business hours:Weekdays 10:30am to 8pm
Weekends and holidays 10:30 to 7pm (this is for Roppongi – other stores may vary)

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3 Responses to “Daikokuya – Buy/Sell Everything You Can Carry”

  1. Avatar

    Does it sell used seishun 18 kippu? I mean tickets half used or something like that? Thank you!

  2. Avatar

    I’m an Australian here on a tourist visa and am trying to sell some opals. I believe from what it says on Daikokuya’s website as well as another such store I went to, is that you need to be a resident of some sort otherwise they won’t buy of you. Are you aware of this, because the way your article reads is that anyone off the street can just sell to this chainstore? Or am I mistaken? Please clarify if you can.

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      CheapoGreg June 16, 2016

      Hi Laura,
      I don’t know the relevant laws, but I imagine selling opals on a tourist visa means you’re engaging in some kind of commerce – so it might not be permitted. Although tourists are permitted to sell foreign currency so who knows. It could be just a policy in case the goods are stolen. If it’s a resident with identification, they can track them down. With tourists, that would be a bit harder. You might have trouble convincing people to buy without evidence that you paid the import tariff to import them. Import tariffs don’t usually apply to personal effects, but if you brought them here to sell, then they’re not personal effects.
      Here is the tariff schedule:
      A private sale is probably your best bet.

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