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    Top Tokyo Flea Markets

    A cheapo’s paradise, flea markets in Tokyo are super spots for bargain hunting. And there’s no shortage of them – you’ll find something happening in one of the city’s parks or parking lots just about every Saturday and Sunday, as [...]

    November 1, 2014 -
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    Tokyo Cheapo 101: Beginner’s Guide to Tokyo

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  • Pic by Shoko Muraguchi, used under a Creative Commons licence.

    Tokyo Summer Bargain Sales 2014

    Every year the closing of the rainy season marks the opening of Tokyo’s famous “end-of-summer” bargain sales – which, despite the name, happen before summer has even reached its peak. The sales are both a clever ploy to lure shoppers [...]

    June 24, 2014 -

It’s not all Prada and Louis Vuitton, there are plenty of fun and cheap places to be a consumer in Tokyo.

Harajuku is a good place for vintage (ie. used) clothing. You can try out Kinji or Mirror in Harajuku, stroll down the road to Bingo in Shibuya or head to nearby Shimokitazawa.

For a taste of ye olde Tokyo, fill your boots at Ameyokocho Market in Ueno. Don Quijote with stores everywhere is another cheapo shopping experience you shouldn’t miss.