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Myanmar Festival

Photo by nakashi used under CC

A Myanmar festival held at Zojoji Temple with traditional Myanmarese food and wares on offer. There will also be an events stage with live music and performances.

Suggested Activity
Tokyo Tea Ceremony
Tea in Japan is infinitely more complicated than the boil/dunk/swish/remove method used in the West, and learning the Japanese tea ceremony is a must for anyone who loves the country. This short workshop will walk you through the intricacies of the tea ceremony, show you how to brew matcha, and also includes a sweet treat. This activity can be booked ...

Cats Art Exhibit

Neko-Ten Cat Art Exhibition
Photo by Erica Ward

An exhibit chock full of cat-themed original artworks by 20 Japanese and international artists. Takes place at a hip gallery-cafe where you can meet the artists as well as purchase cat merch to your heart’s content.

Museum of Modern Art – Free Admission Day

moma tokyo
Photo by jyl4032 used under CC

The MOMA houses mainly Japanese works of the 20th century including a number deemed Important Cultural Properties or masterpieces—see it all for free this Sunday.

Earth Garden Summer Festival

earth garden
Photo by shuzo serikawa used under CC

This is a two-day outdoor market where the food, workshops, and products on offer all promote ecological living—so you can feel good about attending, and what you bring home. The event square will also have a stream of musical performances spanning both days.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa Exhibition and Workshop

Coinciding with the rainy season, this exhibition features an interactive installation centered around umbrellas. Visitors can admire the artwork on display, or even create umbrella art of their own!

Mt. Takao Beer Mount

Photo by Jean-Marc Bolfing used under CC

If you like your beer gardens with a sweet view, try the one atop Mt. Takao—the highest beer garden in Tokyo. Make sure you go hungry and thirsty though, it’s an all-you-can-drink deal (don’t worry, there’s more than beer) accompanied by an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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