Cheapo Weekend for April 21-22: Art Exhibitions, Spain Fair and Yabusame

Adriana Paradiso

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asakusa horseback archery
Photo by Takashi Hososhima used under CC

Asakusa Yabusame – April 21

One of the few chances to watch yabusame, the impressive Japanese martial art of horse-mounted archery. Compared to similar events around Tokyo, this one in Asakusa is most spectacular due to the high-performance levels of the archers.

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Craft Beer and Comedy
Photo by Stand Up Tokyo

Craft Beer & Comedy – April 21

Tokyo’s best stand-up comedians brighten up your Saturday evening with quality jokes, great beer and pizza.

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Earth Day Tokyo 2015

Earth Day Tokyo – April 21-22

Pop by Yoyogi Park for the Earth Day Market—where earth-friendly goods can be found for sale, from organic fruit/veg to fair trade products to handmade crafts. In addition to the market element, there will be music, art and vegetarian food stalls.

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Spain Fair – April 21-22

Spain Fair in Tokyo is modeled after the famous Spain Fair (Feria de Abril) held every April in Seville, Spain. For two full days, enjoy all of Spain’s delights, from popular dishes (paella, tapas, etc.) and drinks to traditional dance and music.

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Photo by MIguel Betancourt

Ecuador Through My Dreams – April 11-25

A great opportunity to admire the bold and bright paintings of Ecuadorian artist Miguel Betancourt.

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Hajime – April 16-22

Hajime is an anthology zine and exhibition by seven non-Tokyo-native artists, each sharing their first experiences in Tokyo. Through mediums including illustration, comics, and poetry, each artist tells a unique story.

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wisteria kamerido tenjin
Photo by Yoshizumi Endo used under CC

Wisteria Festival – April 15-May 6

One of Japan’s most beloved blossom, wisteria is celebrated at Kameido Tenjin Shrine with food stalls, tea ceremonies and ikebana displays.

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Azalea Festival at Nezu Shrine

Nezu Shrine Azalea – April 7-May6

Even though this flower festival officially runs until May 6, the multi-colored azalea bushes at Nezu Shrine are in full bloom this weekend—don’t miss them!

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