Fuji Q Highland theme park has incredible views of Mount Fuji and in recent years has added higher, faster, and more unique rides to its roster. Zokkon is one of them.

What kind of ride is it?

Photo by Fuji Q Highland

Zokkon is designed to resemble a motorbike, but you don’t need a license to ride it. Grab the wheel to take control and sway side to side around sharp curves.

To keep you on your toes, there will be three acceleration points that make you feel like you are in a rocket ship. Another point on the ride sees you plunged into darkness and suddenly lifted up, but instead of launching into the sky, you’ll end up heading backwards.

To pump your blood up even more, original music by SEKAI NO OWARI will be played over speakers to get you in the zone.

Here are the specs:

  • Rider height: Between 120 cm to 194 cm
  • Age limit: Under 64 years old
  • Riding capacity: 14 people
  • Ride time: 3 minutes
  • Max. acceleration: 3.1 G (G-force)

When does it open?

Don’t worry, thrill seekers, Zokkon already opened on July 20. Although lines are expected to be long for the first few months of its debut.

What is the Attraction Change Service?

If you’ve waited 30 minutes or more to get on Zokkon but suddenly feel nervous about riding it and want to leave, you can ask the staff at the boarding gate for a card that will let you gain access to the priority entrance of certain rides. Note that this only applies to the following attractions:

  • Tentekomai
  • Fuji Airways
  • Nagashimasuka
  • Tekkotsubanchou
  • Tondemina
  • 3D Shooting Ride Scientific Ninja Tool Dojo Hall

More details here.

Who shouldn’t ride it?

This is an intense ride, so it’s not for everyone. You shouldn’t get on if you have spine, neck, back, leg, or heart conditions; are pregnant; had surgery in the last 30 days; have drunk alcohol; or have other sensitive medical issues. Make sure to check with a professional if you are unsure.

You also must be below the age of 64 and be between 120 cm to 195 cm tall.

Tickets: How much does it cost?

You can get your tickets at the entrance. | Photo by Aimee Gardner

The ride itself costs ¥2,000 per go, but you can also get a 1-day pass for Fuji Q that includes it.

This pass is between ¥6,000 to ¥7,800 per adult depending on the season, but there are also afternoon passes available for cheaper.

Note that while entry to Fuji Q Highland is free, you’ll still need to get an entrance ticket even if you don’t plan on paying for any of the rides.

What other rides does Fuji Q have?

Now that’s a view. | Photo by Fuji Q Highland

There is a whole range of rides to try at Fuji Q, some for the family; some for anime fans, such as the 3D Shooting Ride Scientific Ninja Tool Dojo Hall; and some for the most enthusiastic rollercoaster riders (and Mount Fuji lovers), such as Fujiyama.

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