Tokyo events for Monday, September 4 to Sunday, September 10, 2023.

There’s something for everyone this week in Tokyo.

Those who like tradition should head to Kichijoji and Asakusa for long-running festivals, but those with an itch for modernity may want to hang around Shibuya for comedy and all-night parties.

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Mount Fuji Day Trip with Private Driver
Spend a day exploring Mount Fuji and the area around it with this private, fully customizable tour - from all around Kawaguchiko Lake and up to the Mount Fuji Fifth Station.

African American Caribbean Festival

Join in the vibrant atmosphere of this year’s African American Caribbean Festival on the avenue next to Yoyogi Park’s Event Square. There will be an endless list of things to see and do: delicious food and drink, a bustling market, live music, and stage performances, as well as a hairdressing tent and fashion show.

Free Japanese Language Meetup in Akihabara

Come hang out in a café in Akihabara and boost your Japanese skills. The WeLearn Community makes learning a new language fun and inexpensive. Japanese teachers will converse in English and Japanese — A welcoming environment for anyone who wants to learn a language — no matter your level.

Asakusa Kaminarimon Bon Dance

While you’re visiting Sensōji Temple and the distinctive Kaminarimon Gate, why not join in an outdoor dance party? The festival will also hold an outdoor art gallery. Paintings of ladies in kimono will be lit up on both Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Kichijōji Fall Festival

The two days of the festival will see all types of portable shrines on the shoulders of local Kichijoji residents as they make their way around the neighborhood. There will also be other traditional performances in the area, as well as stalls and fairs to enjoy.

China Festival

Taking place in Yoyogi Park Events Square, the China Festival isn’t one to miss. Around 80 booths and 150,000 are expected to attend, and there will be plenty of performances, including martial arts and erhu — a two-stringed musical instrument.

Brazil Samba Dance Festival

Brazilians make up the third biggest immigrant population in Japan, so this festival has been a huge event for the community as well as for non-Brazillians. This year, the African American Caribbean Festival will take place at the same time and place, and the China Festival will be just next door.

Ōtori Shrine Annual Festival

Not to be confused with the better-known shrine of the same name in Iriya, Taito Ward, the festival that takes place at this shrine near Meguro Station has a history that goes back more than 300 years — to the first year of the Edo period.

Heiwajima Antiques Fair

The Heiwajima Antiques Fair is a popular indoor flea market that’s held five times a year, for three days each time. Close to 300 vendors from all over Japan come to sell their wares, which comprise a wide range of Japanese antiques.

Jordan Rock Comedy Show

Head to the Tokyo Comedy Bar on September 6 and 9 to see Jordan Rock (the younger brother of Chris Rock) live on stage! If you enjoyed his character in the Netflix series “LOVE” and want to get a taste of his stand-up routine, stop by for a short snigger snack in the middle of your week. Get tickets here.

Chilean & Japanese Modern Folk Night

Listen to Chilean and Japanese folk music, with a lineup of live bands and a DJ to get you in the mood to move. If you feel peckish, Renegade Kitchen will be serving Chilean-inspired dishes and drinks to keep the music (and your stomach!) company.

Suggested Activity
Bar Hopping and Izakaya Experience in Shibuya
A bar-hopping tour is one of the most popular ways to experience any city. ...

AMP’s Saturday Night Live Bands & Entertainment

AMP has been firing up the Tokyo live music scene since 2013 and will never stop bringing you a healthy dose of rock, indie, funk, and punk live acts from Japan as well as from around the globe.

Womb Presents Hito

Calling all techno lovers! On September 9, DJ Hito will be performing at Womb in Shibuya. As one of the top female Japanese DJs — having performed at events like Coachella — she’s bound to bring you a night of good tunes and non-stop partying. Get tickets here.

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