Tokyo events for Monday, June 10 to Sunday, June 16, 2024.

As the weather gets warmer even in the evenings, outdoor beer gardens and barbecues become prevalent — try and avoid any spontaneous rain.

The famous Sanno Festival also continues, but this time a lively bon odori dance festival will take place over three days.

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Odawara Castle Hydrangea and Iris Festival

The grounds of Odawara Castle will be sprinkled with more than 10,000 irises and 2,500 hydrangeas. The flowers will be lit from sunset (around 7 p.m.) till 8:30 p.m. There will also be concerts and performances.

Bunkyo Hydrangea Festival

3,000 hydrangeas will be in bloom around Hakusan Shrine and nearby Hakusan Park. Entry is free and there will be a lot of festivities, including a concert, mikoshi (portable shrine) procession, stalls every weekend, free toothbrushes — really — and sketching meetups.

Katsushika Iris Festival

The Horikiri Shobuen Garden boasts 6,000 iris plants and 200 varieties, while Mizumoto Park is home to 14,000 flowers and 80 varieties. Aside from the beautiful flowers, there will be a variety of events including live music performances taking place across the month.

Sri Lanka Festival

Head to the Sri Lanka Festival for Sri Lankan food, drink, and cultural workshops. An array of of 35 vendors will be offering spicy Sri Lankan food including rice and curry, string hoppers, hoppers, egg hoppers, kotturotti, cutlets, rotti, and vaddai. Also on offer will be Sri Lankan beer and coconut arrack.

Sanno Festival

The Sanno Festival, also known as Sanno Matsuri, is one of “the three great festivals” of Tokyo. This week, one of the earliest Bon dance festivals in Tokyo takes place in front of Tameike-Sanno Station and lasts for three days from June 13 (Thu.) to June 15 (Sat.).

Takao Beer Mount

Takao Beer Mount is the highest beer garden in Tokyo at 500m on the side of a mountain. With “terrace,” “garden,” and “hall” seats, you can enjoy the views at Mt Takao day or night. The many different beers, highballs, wines, cocktails, etc. are part of an all-you-can-drink service. But the event isn’t just for drinks (or adults).

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