Experience Being Flushed Down the Toilet on a Tokyo Water Slide

Carey Finn
This article is brought to you by the potty-mouthed crew over at Tokyo Desu.

A new ride at Tokyo Summerland – infamous online for its wave pool of flesh – opened in July:


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Named “Dekasla,” which translates as Big Slide, the attraction is situated in the Adventure Lagoon section of the park and boasts a 19m-high starting point. Unfortunately, riders don’t end up whirling round and round the funnel amidst delighted giggles as you might imagine, but oscillating halfway up each side in a 4-6 person raft as you can see in the video below:

Although it’s not the definitive toilet-bowl experience we’ve all been waiting for, it still looks fun and, who knows, maybe if you get your five biggest-boned friends together the momentum from their weight could carry you all the way round.

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Note that if you have tattoos you’re obviously an embodiment of evil and won’t be allowed entrance. Also, don’t go in the wave pool on a busy day …


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