Getting from Narita to Roppongi

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narita to roppongi
Tokyo Tower in the entertainment district that is Roppongi. | Photo by Wei-Te Wong used under CC

Roppongi is *the* place for partygoers, high-end shoppers and those interested in museums and art. You’ll find Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo Tower and the National Art Centre Tokyo among many other attractions. It’s also a popular accommodation spot for tourists. To get from Narita to Roppongi, these are your top transport options.

The 3 best ways to get from Narita to Roppongi

Fastest: If you want to get there as quickly as possible, take the Keisei Skyliner from Narita Airport (either of the airport terminal stations) to Ueno, then change to the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, which will take you to Roppongi. The total ride time is just 66 minutes, but tickets are a little pricey at 2,670 yen one way.

Cheapest: Brave, adventurous sorts might want to take the Keisei Main Line (heading for Keisei-Ueno) from the airport to Aoto Station, transfer (not always necessary) to the Keisei Oshiage Line for Haneda Airport and get off at Daimon Station, and then transfer to the Tokyo Oedo Subway Line (heading for Hikarigaoka) to get to Roppongi Station. This costs just 1,190 yen, but takes about 30-40 minutes longer and can be quite confusing—and crowded.

Easiest: Since there is no direct train, the easiest way of getting there is to take a limousine bus from Narita Airport to one of the hotels in Roppongi. Tickets cost 3,100 yen one way, which is a little steep, but the bus saves you a lot of stress and schlepping if you have big bags. The journey takes between 90-140 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

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