Kimono Caught in Your Bike Chain? Try This Bicycle Designed for Kimono Wearers

Carey Finn
This post comes via the cheapskates at Tokyo Desu, who borrowed our bikes a year ago and have yet to return them.

For most people in Japan, kimono and yukata are only worn on special occasions such as graduations and festivals, but some people choose to wear them more often. If you spend a day in Tokyo, for example, you’re likely to see at least one person wearing the traditional form of Japanese clothing. But with the long, tight fit it’s impossible to ride a bicycle, meaning wearers have to either do a painfully slow walk of tiny steps or, if in a hurry, an ungraceful shuffle. Until now…


The KOTO-LX 20 is specifically designed with a low bottom bar and no crossbar so that traditional women’s clothing doesn’t get caught. Unfortunately, they’re not cheap – they cost upwards of 45,800 yen (roughly $420). They come in three kimono-complementing colours: light blue, white and purple.



Now all we need are bicycles designed specifically for people like us who want to ride to the shops in their wearable futon.

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