Cheapo Weekend for July 28-29: Fireworks and Traditional Summer Festivals

Adriana Paradiso

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Sumidagawa fireworks
Photo by Gemini st. used under CC
Update: Due to a typhoon, many of these events have been postponed or cancelled. The Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival has been postponed till Sunday the 29th of July. Check the event pages for more info!

Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival

See 20,000 fireworks light up the sky over the Sumida River this Saturday. This is Tokyo’s biggest fireworks festival—and a true summer staple—with close to a million spectators and a run of 90 minutes.

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 Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival

tokyo fireworks festival
Dates:27th Jul, 2019

Shinjuku Eisa Festival 2018

Eisa Festival may be postponed. Organizers will confirm on July 28 at 7am.

The Shinjuku Eisa Festival takes place on the streets of Shinjuku and will showcase traditional costumes, eisa dancing and drumming that are quite different to what you’re likely to see in other festivals in Japan. This is one of Tokyo’s popular summer festivals, so expect crowds gathering to watch the performances.

 Shinjuku Eisa Festival 2019

Dates:27th Jul, 2019

Ebisu Bon Odori Festival

Eisa Festival may be postponed. No announcement for the organizers has yet been made.

One of central Tokyo’s biggest but least-known ‘bon’ dance festivals. The area around the bus rotary on the west side of JR Ebisu Station is transformed into a giant yukata-clad dance circle around the lantern-strewn yagura tower at the center.

 Ebisu Bon Odori Festival

Dates:26th Jul–27th Jul, 2019

Hachioji Fireworks Festival

Hachioji Fireworks Festival has been canceled. No postponement.

One of the smaller fireworks festivals this summer, a modest 100,000 will gather at this West Tokyo park for a show of 3,500 fireworks.

 Hachioji Fireworks Festival

tokyo fireworks
Dates:27th Jul, 2019

Showa Kinen Park Fireworks Festival

Showa Kinen Fireworks Festival has been canceled. No postponement.

For a different setting and a medium-sized crowd (by Tokyo standards), head to Showa Kinen Park for a display of 5,000 illuminations. The park is the perfect venue for packing a picnic and going with a group.

 Showa Kinen Park Fireworks Festival

Dates:27th Jul, 2019

Wonder Festival (Summer)

If you’re a fan of figurines, this event is for you. Makuhari Messe will be filled wall to wall with action figures and collectibles of all kinds. Famous characters from Japanese anime and other media, as well as Western titles, will be on display—with both professional manufacturers and amateurs doing the exhibiting.

 Wonder Festival (Summer)

Wonder festival
Dates:28th Jul, 2019
Advance sales: ¥2,500

Fuji Rock Festival 2018

There’s still time to get tickets to Japan’s hottest music festival. Headlining the event are Kendrick Lamar, Bob Dylan, N.E.R.D, Skrillex and more.

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 Fuji Rock Festival 2019

Dates:26th Jul–28th Jul, 2019
Entry:¥18,000 – ¥45,000

Kagurazaka Matsuri

Kagurazaka Matsuri is a neighborhood festival with a market, street food and traditional Awaodori dances.

Kagurazaka has been canceled. No postponement.

 Kagurazaka Matsuri

Dates:24th Jul–27th Jul, 2019

Taiwan Festa 2018

Taiwan Festa may be canceled. Organizers will make an annoucement on Sat, July 28 at 8am.

Get a taste of a Taiwanese night market in the heart of Tokyo. More than just food, the festival will showcase aspects of Taiwanese culture, entertainment and tourism.

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 Taiwan Festa 2019

Dates:27th Jul–28th Jul, 2019

The Woman Who Washes the Blue Demon’s Loincloth

See a contemporary play on a traditional Noh stage. The Woman Who Washes the Blue Demon’s Loincloth is a story of a woman living in the chaotic climate of post-WWII Tokyo, highlighting themes of human desire, loneliness and the transience of human life.

Sarushima Tropical Disco: 10 Summer Days

Sarushima Tropical Disco has been cancled for July 28, 2018.

Attend a summer rave on an uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay.

 Sarushima Tropical Disco: 10 Summer Days

Dates:14th Jul–8th Sep, 2018
Entry:¥2,000 – ¥2,500

For more top Tokyo events happening this month, see our July recommendations.

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