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perfect liars club

Perfect Liars Club (Dec 15): A smash-hit comedy story interrogation show hailing all the way from Washington, DC. Four people tell an incredible story—but only three of them are true. Listen, laugh, suspect, interrogate—then vote. Are you shrewd enough to spot the liar? All taking place at Good Heavens bar in Shimokitazawa. Entry is 1,500 yen and includes a drink.

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Boroichi Market
Photo by Adriana Paradiso

Boroichi Market (Dec 15-16):  This is one of our favorite markets in Tokyo. Maybe it’s because it only comes around twice a year and our anticipation builds, or maybe it’s because it’s got a fun atmosphere, with cheapo deals awaiting you at every stall, games, food and drink, and a four-century-long history. For more pics and info on the market, read this.

odaiba rainbow fireworks
Photo by Takahiro Hayashi used under CC

Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks (Dec 17): See a grand fireworks show every Saturday night throughout December. The fireworks will go off between Odaiba and the Rainbow Bridge from 19:00-19:10. Makes for a good date night!


Hanakawado Hakidaore-ichi Shoe Market (Dec 17-18):  If you’re on the hunt for bargains on shoes, bags, wallets, scarves or accessories, head to Hanakawado Park where up to 40 retailers are selling all that and more at discounted prices.

Sensoji Temple Hagoita Fair (Dec 17-19): This is an end-of-year market on Sensoji Temple grounds where you can pick up a good luck “racket” to adorn your home and fill up on tasty street food. Keep an eye out for geisha who can be spotted perusing through the market stalls.

antique market
Photo by Yoshikazu TAKADA used under CC

Oedo Antique Market (Dec 18): A cheapo favorite, Japan’s biggest outdoor market in Japan is back at the Tokyo International Forum. It’s a great spot for finding unique souvenirs, decorating your apartment on a shoestring, or even just strolling around outdoors. The market will be canceled in case of rain through, so keep an eye on the forecast.

Christmas Illuminations: Christmas in Japan is bright—so bright in fact it hurts if you look for too long, but the illuminations also make the perfect setting for a romantic stroll. There are plenty to choose from, with some running until February 2017, and some finishing on Christmas day (like the Roppongi Hills and Midtown illuminations). With new themes, music accompaniments and increasingly impressive displays every year, you’re sure to enjoy what the bright city streets have to offer.

Christmas Markets: With the holidays right around the corner, the Christmas markets in Tokyo are the perfect way to spend the weekend. Soak in the festive atmosphere, sip on a spiced drink and pick up a Christmas gift or two.

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Adriana's Tokyo favorites are: Mizumoto Park, Gokokuji Temple Tokyo
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