Tokyo events for Monday, November 27 to Sunday, December 3, 2023.

The end of the autumn leaves is fast approaching and winter festivities (think lights and markets) are taking center stage.

If you feel like a trip from Tokyo, then consider heading to Chichibu Night Festival for two nights filled with parades, fireworks, and music.

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Tokyo Revengers Exhibition

Explore a unique world of Revengers artwork drawn exclusively for this event by Ken Wakui. His art pieces even depict a final battle that diverges from the main story — it can only be seen here.

Free Japanese Language Meetup Every Saturday

The WeLearn Community makes learning a new language fun and inexpensive. Japanese teachers for different levels play card and board games together with you in English and Japanese.

Chichibu Night Festival

This yomatsuri (night festival) is one of Japan’s big three hikiyama (float) festivals. Also, this is a rare opportunity to see fireworks in the winter. There will be a pre-festival the night before, with more processions on the main day — so if you’re staying in the area be sure to head down to the shrine.

Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks

This out-of-season fireworks display takes place every Saturday in December (except December 30) at 7 p.m. for five minutes. The fireworks are shot into the sky between Odaiba and the Rainbow Bridge — so there are some awesome photo opportunities.

Shibuya Blue Cave Illumination and Christmas Market

The Blue Cave is a Shibuya highlight each winter, and 2023 will see it hold a Christmas market for the first time. This year’s 800-meter display will feature around 770,000 LED lights (guess what color).

Tokyo Art Tank Vol. 10: The Winter Exhibition

Head on over to Gallery Conceal Shibuya and dive into Tokyo’s underground art world. This free event gives you the chance to mingle with the city’s most talented creatives while also taking in the surrounding artwork on display.

Autumn Illuminations — last chance!

Take a look at these fall lights before they get turned off for winter. See our Tokyo autumn leaves forecast for more information.

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