Tokyo events for Monday, March 27 to Sunday, April 2, 2023.

Let’s hope this week is a little less wet than the last, but rain does help the flowers flourish, and there are still plenty of festivals to enjoy — whether you are under an umbrella or not.

Along with the blossoming, there’s the not-to-be-missed Kanamara Festival, which celebrates another important tool in the cycle of nature. And don’t miss the last of the cherry blossom festivals while the last petals are still hanging on.

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Kanamara “Penis” Festival

The Kanamara Festival (aka the Penis Festival) at Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki features phallic images in everything from the decorations to snacks (as well as your regular festival food). But the festival isn’t all about the mikoshi (portable shrine) parade on April 2. There will be other events happening too.

Sakura Tulip Festival

The name is confusing, yes: Sakura here does not refer to cherry blossoms. Rather, it’s the name of the city in Chiba Prefecture where the festival is held. The annual Sakura Tulip Festival is the largest celebration of the tulip in the Kanto area. There are 80 varieties represented among the over half a million flowers in bloom at Sakura Furusato Square. Check the current flowering situation here.

Cherry Blossom Night Garden at Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is beautiful during the day, but have you ever wanted to check it out after hours? You’ll be given your own lantern to take with you around the park as you explore both real and digital cherry blossoms. One of the highlighted cherry tree varieties is fukurokuju, which will be lit up from early April.

Ark Hills Cherry Blossom Festival

While the area has its festival for only three days, the cherry blossoms along the street will be lit up throughout the whole flowering period. There will be gourmet stands, music performances, and a festive spirit.

Tip: Sprout Café Sakurazaka has a lovely outdoor terrace with charming cherry blossoms views.

Nezu Shrine Azalea Festival

Officially the “Bunkyo Azalea Festival,” this annual event takes place immediately after cherry blossom season at Nezu Shrine. There are food and drink stalls, a daily market, and performances. It’s also usually extremely crowded, which will probably still be the case. Going on a weekday is recommended. On Sunday, April 2 at 12 p.m. there will be a mikoshi (portable shrine) procession.

Flowering at Hitachi Seaside Park

It’s rare to see a blue flower (nemophila) — let alone a whole field of them. But that’s the main attraction at Hitachi Seaside Park’s annual spring event, Flowering. The park website has updates on the blossom progression as well as peak bloom times from previous years to help you plan when to go. While the nemophila steal the show, there are also daffodils (the first to bloom, from late March to mid-April) and tulips (from mid- to late April).

Ongoing and last-chance cherry blossom festivals

Cherry trees illuminated at night next to Roppongi Hills
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