Every year, the closing of the rainy season marks the opening of Tokyo’s famous “end-of-summer” bargain sales—which, despite the name, happen before summer has even reached its peak. The Tokyo summer sales are a clever ploy to lure shoppers out from under their home air conditioners for a chance to score savings of around 30–50% on fashion and all sorts of other stuff, and a way for shops to clear their inventory.

One thing to be aware of is that most retailers don’t like to make much noise about their summer sale dates. While many of the listings below state a mid-July closing (or no closing), many of them start right up again with a “Summer Sale Part 2”. Also, as usual there are always lots of “Up to XX off” and other not-so-subtle ways to convince you you’re getting a better deal than you think.

Here’s when and where to go bargain-hunting in summer 2019!

Shop by area:


Matsuya ginza department store
Matsuya Ginza | Photo by Lucy Dayman
  • Mitsukoshi
    • Store-wide clearance sale from Friday, June 28th
    • Special Brand Bazaar from Wednesday, July 10th to Thursday, July 11th
    • Clearance sale for selected brands from Friday, July 12th to Monday, July 15th
  • Marronnier Gate Building 1 + 2 & 3 – Marronnier The Sale | From Friday, June 28th to Sunday, July 28th
  • Daimaru – Clearance Sale | From Friday, June 28th
  • While most items will go on sale from June 28h, the dates vary for others. Most will be on sale as long as supplies last.
  • Matsuya Ginza – Clearance Sale | From Friday, June 28th
    • As in the case of Daimaru, the starting date varies per brand.
  • Hibiya Chanter – The Chanter Bazaar | From Friday, July 5th to Monday, July 15th
  • Ginza Six – Summer Sale | From Friday, June 28th to Sunday, July 21st


Photo by iStock.com/TkKurikawa
  • Isetan – Summer Clearance Sale | From Friday, June 28th to Wednesday, July 24th
  • Mylord – Last Chance Sale | From Saturday, July 6th to Wednesday, July 31st
  • OdakyuFrom Friday, June 28th
  • Lumine – Lumine the Bargain | From Thursday, July 25th
    • This applies not only to Shinjuku’s multiple Lumine branches, but also to the others in Ikebukuro, Tachikawa, Shibuya, Kita-Senju, Yurakucho, and more.
  • Parco Ikebukuro – Grand Bazaar (“Granba”) | From Thursday, July 4th to Monday, July 15th
    • Other Parco branches in Tokyo (e.g. Ueno) will also be having a Grand Bazaar for the same duration.
  • Marui City Ikebukuro and Shinjuku Marui – Final Sale | From Friday, June 28th
    • No, Marui shops are not closing down, despite the odd choice of name for this year’s summer sale. Other Marui branches in Tokyo – such as the Shibuya branch and the Ueno branch – will also be holding this sale around this time. The ending date varies per brand.
  • Sunshine City – Alpa Good Bargain |From Friday, June 28th to Monday, July 15th


  • Shibuya 109 – Summer Sale | From Friday, June 28th to Wednesday, July 31st
  • Omotesando Hills– Summer Sale | From Saturday, June 29th to Monday, July 15th
  • Laforet – Laforet Grand Bazaar | From Thursday, July 25th to Monday, July 29th
    • While hugely popular, this sale is short and fleeting (and incredibly crowded, too), so make the most of it while it lasts! It runs from 9:00 am-9:00 pm on the 25th, and 11:00am-9:00 pm from the 26th to the 30th.


    Photo by Gregory Lane
    • Roppongi HillsFinal Sale | From Saturday, July 13th to Wednesday, July 31st
      • If you’re lucky, you can get a discount of 70–80% off at this sale!
    • Tokyo Midtown – Tokyo Midtown Sale | From Friday, June 28th to Sunday, July 21st
      • Get discounts of up to 50% off at this summer sale.


    • Tokyo Solamachi – Summer Sky Bargain | From Friday, July 12th to Wednesday, July 31st


    Venus fort, Tokyo
    Venus Fort shopping mall, Odaiba | Photo by iStock.com/puttpaii

    These shopping malls in the Odaiba area—all within walking distance of one another and near Tokyo Teleport Station and Daiba Station—are holding an “Odaibargain” sale from Monday, July 1st to Monday, July 15th.

    Chain shops in Tokyo

    Photo by Gregory Lane

    Although a lot of the summer sales going on in Tokyo involve big chains, they tend to ignore what is going on around them. They also seem to be a lot cagier about revealing the exact start and end-of-sale periods. Based on previous years, here’s what we can tell you. (Don’t forget to check out their online stores as well; they usually have sales around the same time as the physical stores.)

    And for year-round deals, check out our Tokyo outlet mall guide.

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