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A neighborhood in the north part of Shibuya ward, it has its own stop on the Yamanote Line, making stations like Shinjuku and Harajuku easy to reach. It’s a diverse area of business, juku (cram schools), and residential neighborhoods. And thanks to its famous Yoyogi Park, there is lots of fun to be had around here.

Where to eat and drink in Yoyogi

The park has all sorts of festivals year-round—and a high chance of good food options. Examples include a paella festival and a vegan food festival Tokyo Vegefood Festa. And just about every culture festival imaginable (like the ASEAN Festival) offers great international dishes. The Earth Day Market also appears regularly with all that good organic stuff.

If you don’t want to think too hard about what to eat, some of our favorite soba shops have branches in the area that are always good fail-safes. You will find not one but two Yoshi Soba shops, with one right at the station. Fuji Soba is another solid cheapo favorite.

Yoyogi Hachiman is also an area with tons of coffee shops, restaurants, etc. Tomigaya and Yoyogi-Uehara, a quick train ride away, also have good eating/drinking options.

What to do in Yoyogi

Again, Yoyogi’s probably most famous for its namesake park. Big and busy, we’ve dedicated a whole guide to it. In addition to the many festivals, there’s always some quality free entertainment. You could literally spend a day wandering in and around the park and not get bored.

If it’s too overwhelming and you want a quiet place to just take a breather, we also know a secret park close to the station. But remember, it’s a cheapo secret, so shhh.

Where to stay in Yoyogi

While we love the neighborhood, there are lots of other areas that we think offer better accommodation. See our favorites here.

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