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Photo by DozoDomo used under CC

Furusato Matsuri Tokyo (Jan 12-21): Travel around Japan at a very cheapo price! The Furusato Matsuri offers a smorgasbord of regional cuisines hailing from Hokkaido all the way down to Okinawa. And don’t miss the chance to catch renowned cultural festivals that will be recreated (like the famous Aomori Nebuta Festival)—a great experience if you don’t have the funds to actually visit these places throughout the year. All conveniently located under one roof: Tokyo Dome.

This GTR was a show stopper with its custom gold paint – not decals! | Photo by David Ishikawa

Tokyo Auto Salon (Jan 12-14): Makuhari Messe conference center will be filled to the brim as it hosts the Tokyo Auto Salon, one of the world’s biggest motor shows featuring customized cars and bikes. A great way to spend the afternoon if you love cars or just want to look at some cool stuff you’ll probably never be able to afford (#CheapoAndProudOfIt).

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Photo by Takayuki Miki (三木貴幸) used under CC

National Museum of Western Art – Free Admission Day (Jan 13): This Saturday, check out the extensive permanent collection at the Museum of Western Art in Ueno Park for free. Works includes paintings from the late medieval period through to the 20th century and modern French sculpture. Artists include Ruebens, Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock and many more.

Daikoku | Photo by Manish Prabhune used under CC

Daikoku Matsuri (Jan 13-14):  Hankering for some good fortune? Look no further than the traditional Daikoku Festival at Kanda Shrine. Two interesting ceremonies taking place there this weekend—one is a ice-cold purification ceremony for coming-of-age participants; the other is a traditional fish-slicing ritual.

Photo by Adriana Paradiso

Boroichi Market I (Jan 15-16): Not on the weekend (fixed dates, ya’ll), but definitely an event you’ll want to make room for in your weekday schedule. The market comes around only twice a year, but it’s hands down one of our favorites in Tokyo. It’s got a fun atmosphere, with cheapo deals awaiting you at every stall—plus games, food and drink, and a four-century-long history. For more pics and info on the market, read this.

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