Cheapo Weekend for July 22-23: Fireworks, Parades, Markets and Chimes

Adriana Paradiso
Photo by Marufish used under CC

Adachi Fireworks Festival (July 22): One of Tokyo’s most well-known fireworks displays takes place this Saturday along the banks of the Arakawa River. Get there early, grab a spot and enjoy the hour-long show of 12,000 “fire flowers”, as they’re known in Japanese.

Hachioji Fireworks Festival (July 22): One of the smaller fireworks festivals this summer, a modest 100,000 will gather at this West Tokyo park for a show of 3,500 fireworks.

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Photo by takuma mori used under CC

Ueno Summer Festival (Parade – July 22): This is a 5-week summer festival, but its main parade along Chuo Dori takes place this Saturday (July 22 at 5:30pm). It comes paired with an antique market and various music and dance performances near Shinobazuno-ike Pond in Ueno Park.

Surprise guests at the Ekoda Night Bazaar | Photo by David Ishikawa

Ekoda Night Bazaar (July 22): Roll down to Nerima Ward for this regular night shopping festival that features bargains, food on sticks and daikon radishes. The atmosphere is fun—and things are affordable.

Japanese Antique Market (July 23): This monthly antique market is back at Yoyogi Park, and aims to educate people on Japanese culture and art, while creating an opportunity for locals to sell their antique goods. Great spot to practice your Japanese and/or pick up some souvenirs!

Kawasaki Daishi Fuurin-Ichi (July 19-23): For a bit of culture and tradition and all that good stuff, trek out to this festival of wind chimes in Kawasaki. The pretty little chimes are prized in Japan—and are said to provide a soothing, cool sort of feeling in the stifling heat of summer. We’re not sure we agree, but they sound nice anyway.

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